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Hellbent by Cherie Priest
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Sep 19, 11

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Raylene is back and her home life is just a bit more complicated. The FBI, army, and Men in Black are off her back for the time being, but new trouble arises when Ian's old house wants him to come back (mostly to kill him) and a certifiably insane sorceress is determined to erase her past mistakes, no matter who gets in her way. And only Raylene is up to the task, but thankfully she isn't alone as Adrian, the ex-Navy SEAL/drag queen, is back for the adventure. Hopefully they'll manage to stop the sorceress before she completely destroys the world and that they'll be able to keep Ian safe as well. But hey, what's life without a bit of chaos?

The first book dragged just a bit in some places, but this one? pauses, nonstop go as soon as you set eyes on that very first page. You're hooked from the very first moment for a wild and crazy ride. Where the first one had some issues with flow of the story (mostly related to setting up the new universe) this one flows smooth as silk and then some. Since the first book created the universe and how the characters interacted with them, Priest is able to focus on the story and developing and revealing more about the characters instead of explaining the universe. We get to see how they grow and deal with change and we get a fantastic tale of intrigue, mystery, and magic all rolled into one.

Priest should be congratulated and applauded for creating a series that has something for everyone. Even though the main character is female, she's easy to relate to and acts like the girl next door...provided that the girl next door kicks butt and is a master thief. No, but seriously she doesn't act like the prima dona's that you see on TV these days, but she's a real person with real issues. And Adrian comes across as a human being instead of being a stereotype of the macho man or the drag queen, he's a perfect combination of both. And the other characters are just as well developed.

I can't wait to read the next volume and see what happens to Raylene and crew next.

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