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Bag of Bones by Stephen King
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Dec 17, 11

Read from December 08 to 17, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Though ive read most Stephen King novels up to & past this publishing year - somehow i missed Bag of Bones. I decided to read it, i must admit because of the TV movie.

The book itself was a wonderfully spooky read. While reading it before bed i had some odd dreams that i wouldnt quite classifynas nightmares, and of course i cant remember specifics either.

But i really like Mike Noonan & his journey to beat his writers block & move past the death of his wife. I enjoyed this tale. My only complaint would be all the sub-plots.

Spolier alert!!! It got kind confusing: hes getting over his wife. And also suffering frim debilitating writers block. Hes met a new woman that for unsubstansiated reasons everyone hates. Hes bonding with said womans daughter & experiencing fatherhood - but also strangley linked telepatically. Hes involved in a legal battle, also due to said woman. His house is haunted. Seemingly by several ghosts - one is likely his wife. Another is a dead jazz singer who has a whole history too. His dead wife may or may not have been cheating on him. & she was pregnant. The whole town has some evil history & collective unconscious & hes writing a new book.

Anyway - it was a lot to track! However the way he groups his words is always worth the ride & as i get into the books i find myself grateful they are so long., as i can spend more time there.

The reason i am writing this ultimately is to caution not to watch the film. Absolutely awful. This boomkwas driven by subtlties - making it such a good ghost story - the film loses all that - and changes so much that the story is lost. I like Pierce Brosnon - though i think he was miscast as a rural Maine writer. But the fault is to who wrote the screenplay. I funally turned it off with no desire to finish - so i could keep my memory of this story with the book.

Highly recommend - as always the case with a King novel. If you dont read him you dont get it; if you do- thats all that needs said.

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