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The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship by Lisa Verge Higgins
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Sep 19, 2011

really liked it
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Read from September 19 to 20, 2011

Four friends. Together through thick and thin. And then cancer. The life of the group, the rock, the glue that held them together, was gone. On her death bed, Rachel penned letters to each of the women asking them to do the one thing that eluded them while she was alive.

Kate, the seemlingly perfect stay at home mother of three young ones. Perfect house. Perfect husband. Perfect life. Or so it seems. In her quest to do everything perfectly, to give everything to her children, she has lost herself. Her friends cling to the woman she once was: the woman that was Kate BK (before kids), BM (before marriage). In the spirit of Rachel's sometimes outlandish zeal for extreme sports: Rachel asks Kate to go skydiving. Something Kate had promised she would do with Rachel "one day." Struggling to let go of the image of perfection that envelopes her day to day life, there is very little she can do to control a free fall from an airplane.

Jo, the successful career woman. Forever single. Men at the drop of a hat. Or dress. She wholeheartedly believes that the mothering instinct doesn't necessarily come with the boobs, either that or hers are defective. Rachel's request for Jo shocks everyone but no one more than Jo herself.

Sarah, forever living in a realm of lost love. Unable to see or feel the love of a man right before her eyes, yet she longs for the love of a man she hasn't seen or talked to in years. Without closure, without answers, she hasn't been able to move on. Her friends are tired of watching her miss out on real love. Rachel's request takes Sarah on a journey that will open her eyes and teach her the true meaning of love.

Somehow, three letters written from a woman who knew her friends better than they seemed to know themselves end up changing all of their lives, bringing them closer together, and mending relationships thought long lost.
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