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The Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
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Sep 19, 2011

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This story is about a mouse that is looking for safety, which leads her into the paw of a lion. Luckily, the lion lets the mouse return to her baby mice. Later on the lion is the animal that needs rescuing, and the mouse family must return the favor.

A. The illustrations are powerful throughout this book. Some of them could potentially be frightening for younger readers or listeners, but it depends on the child. The images, however, are beautifully done.

I enjoyed this book, but I have one issue with it that can be tied into the “bad, weak, or inappropriate”. Part of me wishes this book contained words. I think it has a strong message about kindness, but words would reinforce that message. As an adult, I would definitely write down my words in order to read with a child or group of children. I think the words need to be chosen carefully, and remain consistent in order for the message to be revealed. I find that somewhat weak because the author clearly had good intentions for this book. The images leave room for imaginations to get carried away, and that could be borderline inappropriate. I understand the pictures are supposed to build suspense, but words could help control some of those wandering imaginations or timid listeners.

I think the example that would help support my opinion would be the two pages of the lion with the mouse in his possession. His teeth are revealed in both pictures, and his face is unreadable. This has potential to be scary. However, as I stated before, I would definitely have a “script” for this story, in order to prevent some of the scariness.

4. I think this story could be tied into a few different topics within a classroom. One might be about respecting one another, or possibly even bullying. It could also be used as an introduction to the food chain and it’s continuous cycle.

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message 1: by Sue (new)

Sue Your comments suggest that this is a book that really requires prior knowledge of the story in order to "get it." A valid criticism.

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