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Dead Rules by Randy Russell
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Sep 18, 2011

liked it

** spoiler alert ** WARNING: Spoilery.
A pretty cover and creepy description drew me in. Such lovely lures, leading to sort of a "meh" book. There were some really well done thing here and some very meh things. Jana's obbsession with Michael was very well done at first; Russell showed us how clingy and stifling Jana is without telling us. He built a subtely creepy and off atmosphere that unfolds slowly. It started so well! And then... It devolves. For example, Wyatt storngly implies that Sliders are going to Hell, while it's implied that Risers are going to Heaven. But he's pretty ok with Jana becoming a Slider to go and kill her old bf so they can be together FOREVAH. Except that, wait! You totally can't kill him because then you'll go *poof*! WTH, man??? Why did you let her condemn herself to Hell WHEN IT ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING? Really, WHAT? Also, I think that Michael being a mudering, border-line abusive bastard was a bit over the top. He didn't feel like a real character to me. So, a good beginning with very little payoff. Pity. I have a feeling a sequel is in the works (which I will [grudgingly] read). I mean, there is some wrap up, but also a lot is left mysterious. How will Jana and Wyatt escape Hell and join Mars? What does the old guidebook really say? Who are the admistrators? How does this place really work? DOES HIGH SCHOOL NEVER END?

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