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The Bracelet by Yoshiko Uchida
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Student Name: Chris Maynard

Genre: Historical Fiction

Format: Picture Book (Wide Reading Project)

Grade Level: Intermediate

Subjects/Themes: See the bookshelves above.

School Use: Great application in a social studies classroom, particularly when talking about life on the U.S. home front during World War II. However, The Bracelet should just not be pigeonholed in terms of being used for teaching American history as its many themes of friendship, separation, longing, etc. and serious subject matter (Japanese American internment) offer the potential for introductory discussions about right versus wrong, stereotyping an entire group of people, etc. I would definitely have this in my classroom library at the least.

Review: Having read many books on the U.S. home front, especially about the shameful treatment of Japanese Americans, The Lucky Bracelet was a nice change of pace in my opinion. The previous books I have read have focused on life in the internment camp and usually concluded with the characters leaving and returning home. There is no such resolution in The Lucky Bracelet. Emi is still in the internment camp, and as far as the intermediate reader may know, she may be there for a long time. With that said, Emi realizes something important about the missing bracelet from her best friend with whom she has been separated: despite it physically missing, its symbolism and jostling of positive memories can never be replaced. To me, this is a great message about hope, given the depressing backdrop to the story.


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