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Midnight by L.J. Smith
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Sep 18, 2011

did not like it
Read in August, 2011

I have read all of the Vampire Diaries books, as well as many of LJ Smith's other books. I have been disappointed with The Return trilogy as a whole, but this particular book was just infuriating. The ending was so irritating I almost threw the book.

The whole Meredith side plot was not needed and seemed to be there only to add length to the book. The same thing with Elena and Bonnie's out of body experience.

As the story wrapped up, everything came too easy. If they needed something, they found it in Mrs. Flowers's house without even having to search for it (a kiln in the backyard?). Elena's wings "happened" to work at just the right time.

Whoever edited this book should be fired. It read like a first draft from an inexperienced writer. There were several grammatical errors that any good editor would have caught. Yes, there are always a few in a book, but there were more than a few in Midnight. The overuse of exclamation points made the already unbelievable story seem melodramatic.

Like all of the Return trilogy, this book continued to undermine the vampire lore that LJ Smith spent so much time creating in the first few books. How can Damon (as a human) be able to tell by Elena's tears she was still a maiden? Plus, in the first several books, it said that sharing blood was as far as a vampire could go, so if Elena was loyal to Stefan, she still had to be a maiden.

The characters transformed from wonderful, well-written, believable characters, into flat, boring, one-dimensional stereotypes. Elena came off as flighty, selfish, and stupid, a far cry from the original Elena Gilbert. She seemed more like Katherine than Elena.

I have read and read and read the previous books in the series, but I doubt I'll ever pick up Midnight again.
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