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Reforming a Rake by Suzanne Enoch
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Sep 18, 2011

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The only thing (or person if you want me to be more precise) that I absolutely adored in this book is Lucien. He was conceited, arrogant, rakish, charming, bloody handsome (and hot). But what attracted me the most was his dry wit. GOD HOW I LOVE HIS HUMOR (and him). The comments he made, OH HIS WITTING REMARKS, of his Aunt Fiona and Cousin Rose were LAUGH-OUT-LOUD-ROLLING-ON-FLOOR-AND-LAUGHING-HARDER. Alright, so I may have exaggerated it a wee bit much but I couldn't help it. As for the heroine, Alexandra, I was sorely disappointed. She was such a let-down. I was pretty much alright with her until she made me want to hurl something at her for disbelieving and rejecting Lucien's proposal (and love). I HATED HER LAST MINUTE CONFESSION OF LOVE. "Oh I love you, I'll marry you because our children will be the heir to the Earldom." So maybe that wasn't how Suzanne Enoch wrote it exactly, but it made me realized how stupid the heroine really was. No, I don't hate the heroine-hate is such a strong word- but she made me want to punch, slap, kick, hit and do unmentionable body harm to her to make her realized that after ALL THE TROUBLE LUCIEN WENT THROUGH TO PLEASED HER, she still couldn't realized that he had changed for the better and that his love for her is true.

Now, to more pleasant stuff, I liked Suzanne Enoch's heroes. Most of them usually comprises of appealing physical attributes and one that I love the most, sarcastic, dry, humorous wit. And the way she wrote the dialogue of the heroes suited them to the very best. Not all authors can pull that and I was surprised Suzanne Enoch expertise in that area.

Although this book disappointed me, I would like to encourage readers to read one of her book, 'Always a Scoundrel' which, I thought, is one of the most fabulously, humorously, well written Historical Romance I've ever read.

Overall, would I recommend this book? Not sure, to be honest. Although, if I ever recommend this book, it will only be because of Lucien. Nothing else.
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