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Jan 01, 12

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Read from December 29 to 31, 2011

Michael Grant once again uses that crazy imagination of his to plunge us head-first into another gripping and vivid story. Fear is - fans of this series will be pleased to know - just as entertaining, just as exciting, and just as clever as all four previous books. I had been eagerly anticipating this novel’s release – eager to see what was in store for the characters I had both come to love and hate. I was yearning for another glimpse into the FAYZ and the dystopian world in which Sam, Astrid, Caine, Brianna, Drake, and so many others had learnt to live. I had missed the characters. I had missed the science-fiction goodness that Michael Grant’s books are known for. So you can imagine how utterly thrilled I was to be able to read Fear - to once again lose myself in this mesmerizing yet disturbingly bleak world. I can safely say it does not disappoint.

There was a different feel to Fear, one that I really appreciated. The plot was a lot more character-driven. In this book, the enemy is not so obvious. While the tension between certain characters is just as prominent as ever, they are faced with bigger worries, ones that may even stretch further than the threat of the gaiaphage. The barrier begins to change, the light begins to fade, and soon the inhabitants of the FAYZ find themselves more vulnerable than ever as they are plunged into complete darkness. I felt myself growing more attached to certain characters and admiring how far they had changed. Astrid, for example, although her strong character had always been admirable, had never really claimed a place on my list of favorites. In this book, however, I was pleasantly surprised by how much she stood out to me. Caine was another one who I began to see in a slightly different light. I was almost shocked by my reaction to him. Had I actually felt sympathy for him? I think I may have. By the end of the book, I was wondering if he was quite as easy to figure out as I assumed.

We all know how fantastic Michael Grant is at writing an exciting plot line, and this book is no exception. The X-men-style powers of some of the characters had my inner nerd salivating and clapping her hands. I LOVE that stuff and Michael Grant has always handled it perfectly. Penny’s ‘ability’ especially left a chilling impression on this book. Grant is a skilled writer, that’s for sure. He so effortlessly managed to portray Penny’s psychotic mind in the most vivid of ways whilst at the same time creating such believable fear in her victims. Those aren’t the only chilling scenes in this book that had me at the edge of my seat. This is, of course, a survival story and a gritty story-line is at the heart of it. There is death and destruction, and some scenes are rather gruesome, but it all works perfectly with the story.

As much I loved this book, I don’t think it is my favorite in the series. I do have two small issues with this book that are preventing me from giving Fear a higher rating. There are so many different characters to keep track of during this book but it can be very easily done. In fact, I enjoyed switching from one character to another. It let me grasp a better understanding of them and it was definitely interesting to see the story from different perspectives. What frustrated me a little about it though was that some very insignificant characters also had their 15 minutes of fame, some of whom I felt weren’t at all necessary to the plot. Although a few were quite interesting to read about, this book was long enough is it was and those were a few extra scenes I thought could have been cut.

My second criticism regards the ending. Now the climax itself was as thrilling as always in a Gone book, but the scenes that take place immediately after, to me, felt slightly rushed. What happens towards the end is really quite a significant moment in the whole series, yet it didn't feel as extraordinary as I would have liked. It was still rather exciting, but I just think there could have been a better way to present it.

Still, ignoring these small flaws, Fear is a brilliantly entertaining read and a great new installment in the much-loved Gone series. There are still issues to be resolved and questions to be answered, so I cannot wait to read the next book! If you are one of the few people who haven’t tried this series yet, you MUST give it a go soon. It is absolutely worth it.

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message 1: by Shauna (new)

Shauna Must get around to this one! You know, I'm not surprised actually, that you'd sympathize with Caine. I've always found Diana and himself far more interesting than Sam and Astrid.

message 2: by Sam (last edited Jan 01, 2012 03:21PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Really? I think I prefer Sam and Astrid! I agree that Caine is a pretty interesting character but I never thought I would ever feel sorry for him. I don't like him much, you see. :P

message 3: by Shauna (new)

Shauna No, I would not say he was a likeable guy..although I've been liking Diana more and more. When the last one ended her story the way it did, I was cheering for her. No, it's more that I was far more interested to read about them than the other two. Both Astrid and Sam just seem to do nothing but whine and moan lately. Okay, life is not ideal for them at the moment *understatement* but still! Caine at least is a man with a plan..wicked and self-serving though it may be.

message 4: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Haha, true! Though Caine actually comes across as LESS self-serving in this book. It's strange actually to see a slight change in him. And I have been liking Diana more and more, too. She was another one who stood out a lot in this book, especially towards the end.

And hey, yeah I agree, Sam and Astrid can be a pair of whiners sometimes but I still like them! :P

message 5: by Zeebee (new) - added it

Zeebee I LOVE this series! I can't wait for this book to be out! Nice review, Sam :)

message 6: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Thanks! This is one of my favorite series, so I was really excited for this one, too! Hope you enjoy it when you get to read it. :)

message 7: by ♥Rachel♥ (new)

♥Rachel♥ I haven't even heard of this series, Sam. I don't want to read this before I do. Do you recommend it?

message 8: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Absolutely! It's a little different to the usual YA, but I thinks it's definitely enjoyable. :)

Rumana I love this series! Great review! I still have to wait so long to read it though, haha! Hope it is worth the wait! :D

message 10: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam It will be worth the wait! It's a really good book. :)

message 11: by Claire (new) - added it

Claire I can't wait for this to be released! I love Michael Grant's books. I saw you got BZRK for review...I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that one, too! :)

message 12: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam I'm really eager to get started on BZRK! I should be reading it either next or in a couple of books time, but I can't wait! :)

Tatiyana White I'm anxiously awaiting the release of this one! Great review, Sam!

message 14: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Thanks, Tatiyana. I hope you will like it, too! :)

Joy (joyous reads) I noticed an influx of new characters as well. But I just sort of put them behind the scenes and focused on the primary characters.

Great review, Sam!

message 16: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Thanks Joy! :)

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