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Allegiant by Veronica Roth
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Sep 17, 2011

bookshelves: to-read, dystopian-post-apocalyptic

one of the coolest thing I saw at tumblr. haha


Q: Anything else you want to add about the trilogy?
VERONICA ROTH: The third book will be called Detergent , and the tagline will be One Choice Can Disinfect You. Okay, that’s a lie.

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message 1: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Palmer LOL, love it!

For awhile I've been thinking about the Divergent 3 title, and I'm guessing Convergent. I can see all the factions being disbanded and society finally comes together as one. Tagline: One choice can heal you.

Diane ϟ [ Lestrange ] Convergents cool but Im sticking to the 'Detergent' lol. If that the title Ill definitely will give this book 5 stars in no time. haha just kidding.

message 3: by Yael (new)

Yael Itamar "Convergent" sounds too similar to "Divergent." I would go with "Emergent."

message 4: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Palmer Ooh, Emergent. I like that title!

Anastasia Nichole I DIED laughing when I read your "review" (or lack thereof :]). SO funny!

RoousC Hahahahahaha omg xdd

Klaudine Oh my gosh. Laughed so hard I cried and my tummy hurts. XD

Rubi LOL that was hilarious

message 9: by Book (new)

Book Worm Whoa!
I seriously was thinking the same thing this morning and i didn't look at this review yet.

Rebecca OMG, that is SO funny! LOL

message 11: by Eme (new)

Eme Best comment of 2012..... XD

Aaron Wu pretty sure #3 has to do something about tris. She's Divergent (aptitude test), insurgent (Fernando said), and something else

message 13: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora Palmer I think you're onto something there. I'm hoping the title will reflect Tris in the way you're thinking, but also have to do with her society as a whole.

Aaron Wu Agreed

Kaylah Look at what I found ;) Don't know if this is it but I think it looks cool...

Aaron Wu 0.O!!!
omg!! !
that's sooo cool!

Kaylah i know! i hope that that's what it will look like! it looks soooo goood! im dying of excitment!

Aaron Wu wonder who made it

Aaron Wu but then vernoica roth didn't say the title... it could always be...
a. Convergent. Tris might converge (join) with the people outside the fence? Or maybe the whole city will converge to explore or attack the outside world?

b. Assurgent. Tris might assurge (rise) as the new leader or something. Or maybe all Divergent will.

c. Resurgent. The city may rise as a new city, no factions as a whole.

d. Refulgent. Tris or the city may refulge (shine) as something new?

Kaylah Yup that is true... Ive also hear Emergent. But i think I like Convergent the best (because im kind of hoping that the factions will converge or something like that). What do you think?

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

I thought this was real, and then I saw your "Okay, that’s a lie." and died inside, because I were laughing so hard :)

message 22: by Kayla (new)

Kayla I LOLed so hard. Thank you. :)

Reagan Lol ing out loud.

message 24: by Mary Grace (new) - added it

Mary Grace OMG! I just had a tummy ache for laughing so hard. Haven't read the series but planning on soon. :)

Maddie Melia Veronica Roth cracks me up! I love reading her blog and tumblr!

Samantha I think Convergent or Emergent sounds best, but Convergent kinda goes with the whole idea of it... being different, rising up then coming together :)

message 27: by Sveta (new) - added it

Sveta I think I hurt my trachea laughing so hard at that picture.

message 28: by Eme (new)

Eme Sveta wrote: "I think I hurt my trachea laughing so hard at that picture."

You're not alone on that....

Angela Gonzalez Just read the first 2 books in 3days. The next book can't come fast enough!!!! ahhh

Kassandra hahahah this is hilarious! xD lol

Bella K Ha ha, that's funny but I think I know the real name.....convergent.

message 32: by Victoria (new) - added it

Victoria Baginski Insurgent:Insurence. :)

message 33: by Valeria (new) - added it

Valeria hahaha

Alice lolz

message 35: by Jill (new) - added it

Jill Green it's a lie,but it's pretty funny I was rotflmao!

Violet Some much needed humour :D

Amanda Thats so funny, my Mom thought that "Detergent" was the last book in the trilogy!

Oneofthegirls Beware if the ending

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

One choice can disinfect you! Hahaha!

Ella McReynolds XD haha laughing so hard right now!!!!!

Abigail LMFAO and how do you post pics?

Kylie LOL!!!!

message 43: by Jocelyn (new)

Jocelyn Unday Hahaha this made my day

message 44: by Isabelle (new) - added it

Isabelle Boon Ha!

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