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Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
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Jan 26, 12

it was amazing
Read from October 09 to 11, 2011

Incarnate has a wonderful uniqueness. While reincarnation is the central focus, there is a special attention paid to what the reincarnated are actually dealing with. There are a million souls that have been reincarnated for thousands of years. Whoa! What is really crazy is that they all remember their past lives. That is a different concept than I have read in other reincarnation stories. Imagine all those memories being carried around. The memories of lives and loves lost. Imagine knowing that you will live forever, but not as the person you are now. Everyone interconnected over time. No secrets.

There is some weirdness to the reincarnation in that you can be a girl in one lifetime and then return as a guy. And this goes on over and over again. Freakity. Freakity. Freak. However, the characters aren't phased by it and this adds to the awesome beauty of the story. They are in synch with the journey they are on and trivial things like gender make no difference. In a way, they are right.

Ana is a newsoul. This means that she is on her very first life and has not yet been reincarnated. What makes it intriguing is that she is the first newsoul in 5,000 years. Everyone is freaked out and they start thinking she must be evil or a sign of danger. She is blamed for everything bad that happens. Considering that everyone else has been around for thousands of years, Ana is a like a child. Her wealth of experiences so trivial compared to the others. Oh, but Ana has a fascination with the reincarnated and she looks at them with respect. The way Jodi Meadows writes Ana's emotions is mesmerizing and fluid.

Ana’s mother, Li, is an awful and manipulative person. I couldn’t stand her. Li holds Ana like a hostage away from society while she is growing up. I mean, who treats their own child this way? It is no wonder that Ana has a bad attitude sometimes, especially toward Sam.

Who’s Sam? Oh, he is one of the very few who are not afraid of Ana. Sam has a bravery that allows him to go against the norms of his society and stand up for Ana. I really liked this guy and it got frustrating when Ana would lash out at him. My favorite times were when these two played music and enjoyed each other. It was like they melded into one and became the music. Aww, the music was just so gorgeous to picture!

Remember how I mentioned that Ana is blamed for everything bad? Well, when the city comes under attack by sylph and dragons, you can imagine who gets the blame. Yep, it's Ana. Detailed descriptions of battles and creatures explode on the page. Love the action.

Rumor has it that Jodi Meadows already has the next two books written. Oh my goodness, I have got to have them! My big question is this - what happened to the soul that was lost when Ana was born? I cannot wait to find out.

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