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Wicked by Addison Moore
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Sep 17, 11

it was amazing

Wicked was one of those books that i stupidly allowed myself to get all hyped up about. Usually, that a big no-no for me because I almost always end up being let down in the end. Wicked, however, was one of the very few exceptions to that rule!
This book was entrancing in so many ways! Firstly, let me just say that i think Mrs. Moore is getting better with every installment. She never fails to deliver those twists and turns that leave kind of scratching your head while you have to figure it out for a moment. I'm also learning she's the Queen of the cliffhanger ending. Honestly, those ttypes of endings irritate me to no end and i usually feel like it's just a ploy to get me to continue a series, but not with the Celestra books. I'm usually left salivating a little while scratching my head and yelling at my Kindle.
Okay, back to the book. At the end of Burn poor Skyla was 'gifted' the resurrection of Chloe, along with the knowledge that her whole family, (including Logan and her friend Brielle) were Counts. Wicked pretty much picked up in the same place Burn left off-Skyla's party at the bowling alley.
So anyway, Logan doesn't even try to deny he has Count blood, (yay points for Logan) but he does admit that he knew and didn't tell her, (boo, give me those points back buddy!). And Skyla grows very confused as to whether she can trust him or not.
Then there's Gage who also knew about Logan, (okay but i can't take points from him cuz he's just so darn sweet)and promises Skyla that he was going to tell her the next night. I believe him, i just have to.
When Ellis suggests something seemingly funny, Skyla takes it to heart and all sorts of drama ensues. Cue the good parts.
So Logan in this book was like Gage in Burn. It was all about him professing his love to Skyla, and how he wouldn't hurt her and you know how it goes. The thing that irks me about that is the fact that he was the one who wanted Skyla to be Gage's fake girlfriend in the first place! What did he think was going to happn making her spend all that time with someone like Gage? Especially after the vision of Gage and Skyla's wedding?
That brings up my next subject...Gage. I really wish i could've slapped him for most parts in this book. Was it just me or did the whole thing cause a bad case of deja-vu? Gage/Chloe=Logan/Michelle? right? I seriously loved Gage but this time, he had me leaning towards Marshall.
There isn't much to say about Marshall though, not really. He's pretty much the same...except for that ending. I knew it! I knew it! I knew hye wouldn't do it!
And Brielle, oh crap. And drake? And then add Chloe and the Bitch Squad, plus Nat and Pierce? T-R-O-U-B-L-E! (Not that Chloe isn't enough by herself because honestly i just wish Skyla would kill her already). And oh yeah, Chloe was bribing Gage, but what she was bribing him with? Well now, that was just Skyla's own fault wasn't it? I mean he did warn her not to tell anyone, and she did. So, that'll teach her to go blabbing to dead girls.
Anyway, now I'm back to that damn ending. It was another one of those ones where i pressed the next button on the Kiondle and see it's a blank page and I sit there and stare st it for a minutes. I honestly thought there for a second that my Kindle was having issue because that couldn't be the end! Oh but it was. I shook my head and put it down with only slightly too much force and then stomped away, knowing i wouldn't know any answers until at least November.
I'm really pissed though about that ending. I NEED to know what the hell he was doing there with them! Now the bestie, i can totally see that one because she's kind of shady like that anyway. But him? Um, no.
So, Wicked was a very amusing read that I will definitely re-reread before November. I think VEX will be even better.and i just can't wait for my answers!
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message 1: by Amber J. (last edited Sep 18, 2011 06:15PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amber J. I think Marshall has actually fallen in love with Skyla and that's why he couldn't really aim one of those millions of arrows at her lol...but I could be wrong. And I don't actually remember Skyla telling Chloe the big secret, and I'm not combing thru all 3 previous books to look for it, but I guess it's true. Suprisingly the ending makes me like Logan more - crazy but true, this must all be a part of his get-Sklya-back plan lol =)

Stephanie Amber J. wrote: "I think Marshall has actually fallen in love with Skyla and that's why he couldn't really aim one of those millions of arrows at her lol...but I could be wrong. And I don't actually remember Skyla ..."

Yeah I'm thinking the same things about Marshall! But that ending has me a little scared, I wasn't ever a specific team but Im leaning towards Marshall now. I hope that gage has foreseen whatever (or if) somethings about to happen and comes to help. And hopefully logans in on that too!!

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