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The Devil Inside by Jenna Black
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Sep 17, 11

I checked this book out from the library, and there was a scene, quite early on, that made me distinctly uncomfortable to be holding a many-times-read paperback. Because, essentially, this book is porn. There's nothing wrong with porn, but I prefer not to get mine used.

Morgan Kingsley is the typical urban fantasy romance heroine: she's hot, she's got tattoos, she wears leather, and she is a supernatural savant. In her world, demons can possess humans, whether by invitation or force, and it's Morgan's job to exorcise demons who are there illegally. Of course, she does it while wearing skin-tight jeans and low-cut sweaters. Did you miss the fact that she's sexy? Don't worry, Black will remind you on ever page that Morgan is a hot piece.

The Devil Inside deviates (pun intended) from the usual romance formula, in that most of the action is between two men who are heavily into S&M. And there is a lot of sex. Where most of these books tend to be plot-driven with a handful of sex scenes, this book is more a series of sex acts loosely tied together with a wisp of plot. There's a scene where Morgan pleasures herself while listening to the men in the next room as they whip each other and have sex. Not really my cup of tea; it'd be convenient if these books came labeled with their various kinks so readers would know what we're getting into when we pick them up.

If you're looking for a supernatural thriller with a hint of sexiness, you're much better off with something like Kelly Gay's The Better Part of Darkness, which actually has a plot. Or, if you're just looking to get off, there are websites that'll do the trick in considerably less time than it takes to read The Devil Inside.

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