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Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
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Sep 17, 2011

really liked it
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Read in September, 2011

Pretty Little Liars is the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. And yes, there's a TV series adaption of the novel which I have not watch but WILL watch soon!

Alison, Hannah, Spencer, Emily and Aria are best friends. Alison, being the queen bee and leader of the group and the popular girl knows the secrets of her friends. Because what Allison wants, Allison gets, Spencer for the first time said no to her which eventually led to them arguing and Alison disappearing. That was three years ago. After Allison's disappearance, the girls mourned but also felt relief because Alison no matter how an awesome friend she is, everyone is also scared of her. After she disappeared, the remaining girls drifted apart living life on their own. Hannah replacing Ali as the popular girl in school and is not longer chubby, Emily who is not quite sure whether she is a girl or a lesbian or a by, Aria who has lived in Iceland is now back in Rosewood and is not plain simple Aria, and finally Spencer who is now better than her older sister Melissa. Just when the girls think that things are not going to get worse, well it does. Mysterious messages from a person called A, have been bothering and being sent to the girls. As each of them shared their dirty little secret to Ali, the girls suspect that Ali has come back. But has she? What are these dirty little secrets they try hard to keep? And most of all, who is A?

After reading Trash which is also a YA mystery novel, I expected a lot from this book because Trash blew me away. Anyway, Pretty Little Liars is just as good! It is gripping, seductive, mysterious, devilish yet enjoyable. My mind the entire time was like "who the freaking hell is A?" and I know I'm not alone there. I am super lost for words! (Why is it hard to describe good books?) It is absolutely unputdownable! I read it for a day in school, and school being the reason why I read slower than usual. It is a very light, quick, fun and sexy read. And really OMG, I wanna know! Though I have not watched the series I had heard a lot of good things about it.

I love all the characters! They're all different, unique and easy to connect with. Though my favorite would be Spencer and Aria. This book emphases on "things don't end happily," and they don't do they? And yes, the tag line, Don't trust a pretty girl with a dirty secret. Yes yes, I would like to know what "The Jenna Thing" is! I'm running around in circles trying to figure out who and what! Moreover, I also love the boys here. Dreamy and oh so HOT! I enjoyed reading the narration, and I love the causality of it. The real life problems are present and definitely realistic. The insight of reality will sink you in. This is such a wonderful maze "A" has created. Compelling and I will say it again, UNPUTDOWNABLE (I have 9 classes everyday and I read it for 7 lessons!) wow, I am so happy! I laughed, I smirked, I smiled, I felt sad, just basically I am overflowing with emotions.

However, let me just say the flaws I found. Yes, realistic enough. But exaggerated at times? Not to mention the romance. Moreover, the narration was not deep in terms of emotions but I was able to appreciate it right? I just hope more clues on who "A" is.
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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Lalljee My friend says it's like reading a television show- and like you, I see it poking behind her notebook in most classes.

Jianne Hahahaha, it was actually "reading" lesson that day because 12 of my classmates went on a camp, my teachers did not want us to have free time, he wanted us to do something "productive" which is reading.

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