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Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
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Sep 21, 2011

it was amazing
Read from September 17 to 21, 2011

This review is for an ARC kindly given to me by the Amazon Vine UK Review program.

Touch of Power is Poison Study good!!! *HUGE CHEER* I haven't enjoyed a book by Maria V Snyder so much in a long time (even though they are usually great); I stayed up reading til all hours and was even late to work because I couldn't put it down! I really hope you agree with me when you get a chance to read it. I would definitely recommend this as required reading for Maria fans ASAP!!

I really liked Maria's new heroine, Avry. She is fierce and stubborn, but also kind and brave. I liked her so much more than Opal from the Glass trilogy. She is as engaging as Yelena from Poison Study without being too much like her... both characters share similarities, but they are not one and the same. Avry is a healer, who can take peoples' illnesses from them as a cure, but she must suffer the illness herself. Fortunately she has an advanced speed of healing, or she'd never get anything done!

The story picks up in the aftermath of a devastating plague, which the healers guild were unable to cure without dying themselves. As a result, healers are not revered by society, but rather they are hunted drifters. Avry finds herself incarcerated, awaiting death, but then is rescued by a motley crew who want her to heal their leader, Ryne, who lies in suspended animation in a magical coma in a distant land. He has a bad reputation, and he has the plague; healing him would kill Avry.

The gang (Kerrick, Belen, Vinn, Quain and Flea) do their best to convince Avry, through any method possible, that she should heal Ryne as they believe he is the only person who can bring all the shreds of their plague-ridden kingdom together and restore order. There are several other potential leaders who disagree though, and they all make a play for Avry to varying success. One develops into a wonderful villain, who just made my skin crawl! (Excellent work Maria!!)

Avry travels with the gang for most of the book, and there is a really beautiful camaraderie which grows between them, after some testing times... of course there is a love interest, and the development of that aspect was simply delicious to read. When there was finally some kissing, I was in seventh heaven!!

What I really enjoy about Maria's writing, as a whole, is that she creates characters with believable skills. I know she often learns these skills herself, and this time I really enjoyed reading about juggling and knife throwing! Magic is also woven very carefully through the seams of the book; no one is all powerful, but some people have really interesting talents. I also love how rich her characters are; I really feel like I know Avry, Belen, Kerrick, and Flea.

I was initially completely baffled by the bizarre mention of the peace and death lilies, giant plants which can consume a man whole, but actually it all made sense in the end, and I am totally gutted that I have to wait for the story to continue!! This has all the makings of a really wonderful fantasy trilogy... now... how long do I have to wait for the next one?!

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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy I'm SO jealous you got an ARC of this!! I'm so happy to hear that it's good.

Maria Snyder This is the very first review I've read for TOP and I must say....I'm not going to read any others!! ;>

Thanks for the fantastic review! I'm so so so so so glad you enjoyed the book.

Renée van Daalen I'm so unbelievable jealous you've read the book already!
And I'm so unbelievable happy you liked it so much! You make me look even more forward to it than I already did!

I really can't wait!

Jen at Reading Lark Maria V. wrote: "This is the very first review I've read for TOP and I must say....I'm not going to read any others!! ;>

Thanks for the fantastic review! I'm so so so so so glad you enjoyed the book."

I'm totally doing a fan-girl squee right now!!!

Kimberly So so lucky!

Only one thing frustrates me about your review.

Now I'm even more impatient to read it! : D

Jen at Reading Lark Kimberly wrote: "Only one thing frustrates me about your review."

I thought I was in trouble there!! I've started a reread of Poison Study... just didn't want it to end!

Kimberly Jen wrote: "I thought I was in trouble there!! I've started a reread of Poison Study... just didn't want it to end!"

Hey, good idea! I'll reread the Study trilogy. It'll keep me busy until ToP is released. :)

Donna I actually squealed out loud when I read that ToP is Poison Study GOOD!! Hahahahhahaahha :D I'm soooooooooooooo EXCITED :D

Jen at Reading Lark I really hope you agree, because I loved it!!

ID Shab Happy Easter ;) i'm choking on happiness and jealousy XD
I need to read this ><

Rebecca I'm so jelous! lol

Maria Snyder FYI - I'm giving away 5 copies of TOUCH OF POWER on my blog this week. Just leave a comment to win - it's open world wide! Here's a link: Deadline to enter is by the end of the day November 25 (EST).

Rebecca That sounds brill!!! :D
5 copies to give away? That is ace!

message 14: by Amanda-Lee (new)

Amanda-Lee (StoryWings) is this part of the yelena world or is it a new world?

Rebecca New world :)

message 16: by Makayla (new)

Makayla how deep was it detailed in the kissing, and romance? I am not a fan of to detailed Romance....?? please comment as soon as possible. thanks

Jen at Reading Lark It wasn't too detailed.

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