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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
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Oct 05, 11

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Read from September 16 to October 05, 2011

When my English teacher assigned The Outsiders, I was just like "Whatever." I really didn't care that much about the book and drew a conclusion from the awful opinions I have of Wuthering Heights and The Phantom of the Opera that me and classics just don't mix.

Major book pwn, my friends. I was dead wrong.

This book left me slack-jawed. Every single character had such a defined personality. Even better, I could actually understand what Ponyboy was saying! When I was reading Wuthering Heights, I had to reread sentences like three times before I actually understood the meaning and context. They used words like "methinks" and other dialect that's been dead for a little under a century. With Pony, I understood what he said perfectly! Except when he used double negatives, but that's a different story.

What was really fun was that there were no stereotypical personality. Cherry Valance (or whatever her last name is; that isn't important right now) was a NICE cheerleader. Johnny and Pony were WISE teenage boys (which, you have to admit, nearly never happens in today's YA Fiction). Randy was a NICE rich popular boy.

But really, with the Cherry thing; I doubt all cheerleaders are stupid or slutty! I mean think of all the negatives toward cheerleaders in books: Emily Asher and Savannah Snow from Beautiful Creatures, Marcie from Hush, Hush, etc. Usually the entire book I'm going,"Girl,

But not for The Outsiders. *happy dance*

Speaking of characters, I was a little pissed that both of my favorite characters had to die within a few pages of each other. Surprisingly though, unlike other books where I start bawling my eyes out, I didn't really feel bad about their deaths. (view spoiler) It had a fantastic ending, either way.

That's another thing! The book actually told you what happened after the major "rumble." So many books just cut off directly after the climax (Hear that, 13 to Life and Forever?) and don't clue you in on how the characters end up a month or two after the fact. Do they cope? Do they freak out? Do they celebrate?


Oh yeah, about the characters. I keep getting off track. I looked up what they all looked like in the movie... Oh jeez. It's not how I saw them at all. I had a very vivid mental image of Johnny---I knew exactly what he looked like. Fancy black hair, suspicious expression, scared black eyes---I just saw it. And then I saw this:

Please tell me that wasn't the actual actor they used, that it's just some kid who someone decided looked enough like Johnny to post on Google. Seriously, he looks like he's twelve. Thirteen at most.
I also saw this:

which also doesn't look a thing like my mental image. Except the hair. That was sort of the same hair.

I also tried looking up Soda. I don't know if I made it up in my head or if it actually says in the book that he has light blond hair. But I saw the picture and I was like "Um... no."

I was thinking more along the lines of Jesse McCartney:

Ahahaha, kidding. You can stop giving me the evil eye now.

Anyway, this book is friggin amazing. I even added it to my favorites list, which is rather hard to accomplish anymore.

5 stars all the way, people!

I choked on my drink laughing when I saw this:

*dramatic look*
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Demo Yup. Sadly. *sigh*

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