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Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein
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May 12, 2012

really liked it
Read from December 22, 2011 to January 06, 2012

Although Gabrielle Bernstein admits this description of her persona l journey to peace and enlightenment is very solidly based on the earlier A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson. (Williamson wrote the preface to this book, and quotes from A Course in Miracles are found at the beginnings of each of Bernstein’s chapters are frequently referenced in Bernstein’s text), she still manages a fun and personal touch in this self-help memoir. Bernstein is candid about her own background as a Jewish girl growing up on the ‘burbs with her divorced hippie parents, but laboring under a lot of fears. Some of Bernstein’s basic ideas are that “fear is simply an illusion based on past experience that we project into the present on to the future . . . we drag our baggage with us” (3). Therefore, people need to release fear, the need t be saved by another person, stop controlling others, “and let life flow.” (8) From Williamson, she passes on the ideas that “love is where we all begin,” (22) then adds her own ideas about avoiding the ego (which only fools and bullies us into thinking we are inadequate) and “getting our –ing on.” The –ing is a phenomenon she describes inner guide, the voice of intuition, inspiration and love, and the intermediary between the fearful world of the ego and the loving mindset with which we came into the world .” In other words, a force “to guide our thoughts back to love” (86) Bernstein’s pathways to turning on one’s –ing include instructions for various kinds of meditations to guide one out of the ego’s delusions and back into . Through the meditations, she urges reads to gently surrender (to hear the –ing), ask for help, and wait patiently for a response. One set of instructions is for the “F-word meditation”—a step-be-step process to forgiveness. “Serenity is a must-have and forgiveness is non-negotiable” (100). Other meditations focus on relationships (letting go of unsatisfactory ones, and inviting synchronicity into one’s life to allow for a better one). Other include “ great rays meditation” (to welcome in great rays of healing light), and “cord-cutting meditation”(to free oneself from someone who has attacked you). “Envision Ghandi, Jesus or any enlightened master with a large sword . . . welcome them to cut the cord . . .Say a prayer for the other person” (246). Her basic premise is that the most powerful way to unblock oneself from receiving guidance is through daily prayer along with medication. ”Remember: Prayer is the time to ask, and meditation is the time to listen. Remove your ego’s blocks daily with a dedicated prayer and meditation practice.” Being your meditation with breathing in ‘I welcome guidance,’ and breathing out, ‘I will receive’” (179) She recommends five minutes of complete stillness in the morning and another five at night. Bernstein continues. “Rather than freak out and let my ego rain on my awesome life parade, I chose to pray. I prayed, inner guide, please enter into my mind and take the steering wheel. I am committed to love and miracles. Keep me in the flow” (229). As you can see, Bernstein is easy to quote and her quotes are gentle, comprehensible and infinitely logical. Good, basic advice for living closer to the benevolent spirit of the Universe--and staying in touch with that --ing.
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