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Highland Velvet by Jude Deveraux
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Sep 16, 11

Read in September, 2011

** spoiler alert ** A friend of mine from High School recently told me that I recommended this book to her when we were Freshman. I don't remember this book at all, so I wanted to get into my 14 year old mind. What was I reading back then? What was important to me? Now I know... smut, smut, and more smut. As a 36 year old, I find myself embarrassed by my 14 year old self again and again!

I went from reading Sweet Valley High books to this type of book. I only read historical romances for a short time. I remember when my best friend and I decided to not read smut books any more. I've never looked back since. With good reason. They just aren't very good!

I gave it two stars because it was entertaining, and kept me turning the page. I can't say that much for The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde) or Catch 22 (Joseph Heller). But some aspects of the writing were infuriating to me. The two main characters were completely inconsistent and daft. When I read this as a child I thought my naiveté kept me from understanding the character shifts. Now I know that I didn't understand the shifts in character because they were unrealistic and impossible. One minute Bronwyn, the main character, was stark raving, in-your-face mad because her husband was jealous, but when he was drunkenly caught with another woman Bronwyn sulked, ran away, and all of a sudden realized that she loved him. She went from being chronically combative to submissively sweet. Ugh! Even writing about it makes me disgusted at Deveraux's writing whims. If it wasn't for Deveraux's constant need to fill in the blanks to the reader I couldn't have guessed what would have prompted the behaviors and sudden change of the characters. And even with her explanations, it didn't make sense. At some point I had to stop analyzing and just tell myself to trust the author and go along with it.

There is a lot of sex scenes here. I didn't read any of them. They are easy to skim because they are just so obvious. Three or four paragraphs is all Jude needs to talk about their love making escapades. All you have to do is read "He touched..." skip to next paragraph "She softly..." next paragraph "He gazed..." Next paragraph... on with the story.

This book was written in 1985 as a story that supposedly took place in the 1500's. Instead of transforming the reader into another time and place, one gets the feeling that all that transpired could have been here and now. Jude Deveraux cut out current feminist mentality and society and pasted it into a scene in the 1500's. Everything is there that we would see now, except for our flushing toilets and running water. Readers are not enhanced by culture, time, or social mores of a time 500 years before the present.

Don't read it. It isn't worth it. If you want to read a good historical romance with excellent writing style and authentic facts check out Here Be Dragons.

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