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Gone by Michael  Grant
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Sep 16, 11

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Read in August, 2011

hmmmm. i don't quite know what to say for this one. i read this a few weeks ago for book club and here are my thoughts and opinions:

first of all, i didn't REALLY want to read this book. it didn't seem like the kind of book i would like, and i think i'm kind of sick of teen sci-fi books. that being said, once i STARTED the book i really was liking it. it definitely hooked me in and became a page turner. i always love me a reluctant hero, so i liked sam quite a bit and of course, i always love a girl teen genius. so why didn't i rate the book higher you may be asking? i don't know, this was a hard one for me to decide what i thought about it in the end. here are the things that i had issues with...

* WAY too many sci-fi/fantasy elements thrown in. you know the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink"? well, the author threw in everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink in this story. there's radiation, super powers, mutating animals, talking coyotes?? (who really creeped me out to be honest and for some reason seemed like a rip-off from the hunger games with the mutts), AND "the darkness" buried under ground in an old mine shaft. (i think. i've read a LOT of books lately and the details are all becoming fuzzy.)

* the characters all seemed a bit one dimensional. especially "the bad guys." they were just plain evil with out any redeeming qualities even when they were given a chance to redeem themselves. especially the one sociopathic kid whose arm is grown back by the darkness as a long red, leathery whip(??) what the heck was that about? i just found the mental image of that really disturbing. (also disturbing? the mental image of all the kids with their hands encased in cement blocks.)

* some of the details (and even some of the characters) just seemed superfluous and unnecessary. like the one girl who takes over the preschool kids -- why do we need to know she has an eating disorder? is it relevant in any way to the story or to the events unfolding? i didn't think so, but maybe i missed something.

* this book was LOOOONG. and then you get to the end and realize that this book is a series and the story STILL isn't complete.

* and finally, "the darkness" was just too dark for me. i didn't like the way it made me feel.

the book started out a lot stronger for me -- i initially was thinking i'd give it a 3 or 4 star review and then it just kind of started to go down hill from there. which is too bad because i think i could have really enjoyed it. in the end, it all averaged out to about 2 stars. it was simply just okay. and i don't even know if i want to go on to read the rest of the series. although i am feeling like i'm the one who's off here, because everyone else seems to really love this book. so, i guess to conclude this novella, i have to ask -- am i the only one who felt this way??
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Jenelle Nice. I'm with you all the way. There were some REALLY disturbing things! That whip arm was awful and cement and dead babies and bludgeoning and gravel man... How much more morbid and bizarre will it get?

And maybe it's just me, but sometimes their level of organizing themselves and rationing resources just seemed like a stretch. It's not like ALL of the kids were 14. Realistically, I think things would fall apart so much faster. More like the Hunger Games, since you mentioned it.

Jessica i forgot about the gravel man! yes -- so disturbing! it's kind of like the author was trying to do a modern, sci-fi update of lord of the flies. you know? if you end up reading the next one, i'm interested to see what you think.

Annaleise Marie Mary's eating disorder and depression do actually lend to the story, the biggest part in "Lies". Just to clear that up. It's not all clear in the first book, but eh, that's a series for you.

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