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The God Particle by Leon M. Lederman
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Jun 28, 07

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Recommended for: individuals interested in discovering an invisible atomic and subatomic world of particles
Read in June, 2007

This book is written in an extremely coherent, informative manner with a touch of intellectual humor and imagination. Not having much of a history with the study of physics, the first time reading through this book, many concepts seem somewhat beyond my grasp of initial comprehension. Although, it touches on nearly every theorist's and experimenter's ideas and results concerning the physical world and it's constituents. I'm still in the process of getting into this book, but for the first few chapters, the author emphasizes on explaining the atomic and sub-atomic particles' actions, composition, charge, mass and influence on one another. Also, he included many of the important and relevant discoveries of mathematical studies (mainly physics and chemistry) and the discoverer of them in, for the most part, a chronological order. So far, it has been a very enjoyable and knowledgeable read. L. Lederman is an intelligent and experienced physicist and very proficient at collaborating data into a easily understood format, also by using a very well educated vocabulary. It definitely shows through his writing. I commend the man for his obsession or love for the profession that he chooses to pursue day in and day out. Personally, I feel as though I have a combination of theorist's and experimenter's blood in me, that way instead of going back and forth between the two seperate individuals, I only change modes when necessary and continue my own pursuit from there!

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