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Naamah's Blessing by Jacqueline Carey
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Sep 19, 2011

really liked it
Read in September, 2011

Spoilers lite at the end.

Finally! Things pick up a whole lot after Moirin and Bao leave Terre D'Ange. The politics, frankly, are not as super-crazy cloak-and-dagger interesting as they were in Phedre's books. And, honestly, the whole thing had the feel of Carey trying to make the world so un-interesting that she could finally STOP with this series and concentrate on the Santa Olivia series . . . even the SEX was pretty pedestrian . . .

HOWEVER! Once Moirin, Bao and Balthasar finally take off to Terra Nova, things pick up and the book is JUST as compelling as the others, with at least some shadows of the intimate, CHARACTER-DEVELOPING scenes which made me such a die-hard fan of the first books.

While not as good as the first, or even the second trilogy, I'm happy to be reading Carey again and taken at least on an adventure to hostile far lands. Carey also tries to push the timeline forward accordingly while making fond references to the events of books past that lend a satisfying weight to things without requiring new readers to be entirely familiar with them.

Again, not the experience of the first ones, but a GREAT world to kind of hang out in with characters that might verge on stock but are still, on the whole, quite likable and just quirkly enough to feel like friends. Sadly, the comparision is inevitable and I hope, for all fans' sake that Carey really pulls it out in her new Santa Olivia world and continues writing as I have a feeling Terre D'Ange is rather uninteresting even to the author at this point.

This book keeps me playing the One-More-Chapter game to my detriment despite any vague complaints I might dredge up. I'll probably be finished with it in a day or two, keeping my general Carey timeline basically intact. Her books never last long unread in my hands.

The last bit drags a little, as it really is just kind of mopping up errant storylines. I appreaciate the need, but it ends up adding another fifty or so pages of "btw, the giant bear dug Bao and they have a cool cave-home . . ." Which, if it had been the first trilogy, not the last would have been fine so maybe it's just a nod to new readers. Either way, if you're versed in this author and you don't NEED to see Moirin go home to know that everything is just ducky, you might as well stop at the first Terre D'Ange homecoming, which made me cry a little in all the adorableness that was going on.

Good, quick, and exactly what I needed before diving into textbooks again.



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