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Sep 16, 2011

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Poetically written, readers who are familiar with scripts or reading poetry will appreciate this read. Descriptive lines with symbolism, depth, and the use of alliteration makes this story a form of epic poetry. So, if you enjoy reading plays or works like “Beowulf,” this story probably belongs on your book shelf or in your eBook reader.

Ben is introduced as the musician with a song that moves people to the core; almost literally stealing the heart of Renée. Unfortunately, Ben is not the creator of that riff. Sadly, he is merely the thief. Seeing the reactions of his girlfriend to the music, it is no wonder that someone would want to claim themselves as the artist of such a powerful riff. The music sways souls the way it sways bodies to dance.

Mystical music strums throughout the tale. Is the riff a blessing or a curse? Just as other songs are claimed to move moods and inspire listeners to certain acts, so does Ben’s stolen melody. However, such a powerful riff should instill more fear in Ben, since the true creator, Riff, is even more powerful than the song.

Like a future doctor cheating on his final exams, no good can come from a stolen piece of music. Because when it’s time to perform and the musician must show all that he is worth, his true talent, or lack-there-of, will be revealed. For Ben, he is not a real musician. Not a talented one, anyway.

And so, Ben must learn his lesson the hard way. Thieving may appear free, but it comes with a price. In the end, Ben knows he must pay the piper… the real piper of the riff.

- EZRead Staffer, Amelia

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