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Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Sep 16, 2011

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3.5 stars.

I've read about half-paranormal characters who have wielded all ranges of powers, from those that are diluted, to those that are completely dominant. The most common aspect of a half-paranormal character is the fact that they have powers that don't quite let them fit in with the mortals. At some point, their powers are revealed, and from then on, they are separate from the crowd. With Kali, we read about a character who--because she is part mortal--loses her supernatural powers every other day, and becomes mortal like the rest of us. Every other day, Kali goes through a complete mental and physical change that effects everything, including her blood--changing it from poisonous, to as nontoxic as that of any other human being. And when she's not bogged down by the limitations of her mortal body? She is a viscously effective demon-hunter.

I really liked reading about what Kali can do. Becoming mortal every other day may be an Achilles Heel at times, but at other times, it really works for her. This frequent change makes her learn to rely on things other than her extra abilities. She is smart, thinks quickly, and to uses all she can, to her advantage. Her situation is very unique, and very entertaining to read about.

The one thing that bothers me about Kali, is that every fifth or so page is devoted to her internal struggles about who she is, what a hard life she has, what her purpose in life is, etc.... For someone who has such a huge hero complex, she sure does complain a lot about having to be a hero. She even goes so far as to dismiss another character's problems by thinking about how that character's problems may not be as bad as hers, but she should still be considerate of them and try to understand where the character is coming from. That's not an exact quote, but I didn't mark the passage, and now I can't find it again. I hope you get my meaning when I say I wanted to strangle her by the end, because I was sick of the pity party.

The story takes place over just a couple days, and while I understand the reason behind this, I still think it would have benefited from a few extra days. A lot goes on in that short time, and I feel like I didn't connect with the characters because of it. There are some emotional scenes that I would have liked to feel...but didn't.

The adventure and paranormal aspects made up for some of that by including good twists, and by having some fun and quirky sidekicks. All-in-all, the paranormal stuff in this one is probably something you don't want to pass up, especially if you like different paranormal abilities. I mean, toxic blood? So awesome!

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