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Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King
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May 06, 2012

it was amazing
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If there were a 10 Commandments List for YA, then let one of the top fives be: Thou Shall Never Ignore the Vera Dietz Book. Or you shall rot in the Place Where There is Scarcity of Awesomeness. What a... book this is, and you can tell how blown away I am by it that I cannot even think of an adjective there. I couldn't move for about an hour after I finished, I am not kidding. (Not because I had to wait out the cramps on my elbows but because I was mulling over it.) The idea and writing were impeccable and I am just floored at how much depth, emotion, humor and insight A.S. King had put into the story. I am never looking at the color yellow green, which is the color of the cover, the same way again. Nor will I think of dirty underwear, tree houses, pizza delivery technicians, crazy beeyotches and ~parsimonious accountants in the same way ever again.

-Vera Dietz is the perfect heroine: she's in grief but is not in denial, she's angry but she's not violent, she's got spunk but she's not snarky, she's got a lot of issues but is not a drama queen. She's just the right blend and it's not the too goody-two-shoes kind of blend nor the overly-angsty kind, but really, just exactly the right blend. She'll let you into her mind and her heart. ALSO: Charlie was right. Veer is classy.
-Vera is also a Vocab-chomping student and word-drops a lot of highfalutin here and there. Use highfalutin in a sentence? Vera is not only highfalutin in words - she's also highfalutin in action. (HAH.)
-I was ready to blow all my nose innards out because right from the first page - or blurb even, we know Charlie, Vera's best friend from practically birth, was already dead and that he messed up his life and more especially, he messed up Vera in more ways than one. But King is like a dream author because voila! Chapters from the Dead Kid! (Plus: Chapters from Inanimate Objects AND ONE OF THE GREATEST DADS IN YA HISTORY EVER!)
-Speaking of Awesome Dad in the form of Ken Dietz (the parsimonious accountant), there are flow charts/diagrams here and there but don't snore yet, because these do not contain math but facts of life you sure are going to relate with (and/or laugh about).
-There is hot ssssauce (pizza pun gone wrong lol) action between Vera and a hunky college dropout co-worker! (Can I say epilogue, plz???)
-Around 70% of the story happens in flashbacks and you know how I usually have qualms about that kind of style? Well, this time, I had none. Congratulations, King, you ARE king, I guess...?
-I am impressed at how King weaved all themes so fittingly and smoothly with one another, because not a lot of authors could pull off putting best friendship, marital abuse, parental separation, failure of dreams, workaholic-ism, messed-up teenage years, substance addiction, pedophilia, Flipped-like childhood, death and grief, mystery and action, animal-lovingness and single parenthood (and all other issues I've failed to include) in one story so successfully.
-King built up Charlie and Vera's best friendship so well, you knew it was bound to be doomed (and it did!) but you just couldn't help but still root for the two to come terms with whatever shit they had to face.

-Unbelievable, but I have a boo. And what a big boo it is for me because I just can't accept that THAT was the reason why everything went so klasdnajsfbaihnasidsa. And also the reason why Charlie is dead.
-But I guess that IS reality for some, and that IS why this book is brilliant.
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A.S. King
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A.S. King, Please Ignore Vera Dietz

A.S. King
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A.S. King, Please Ignore Vera Dietz

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