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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
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May 25, 08

bookshelves: fantasy-sci-fi
Recommended to Lara by: Jessica
Read in May, 2008

** spoiler alert ** This is the MelaBook Club for May. Jessica's choice.

Though I didn't find this book as much of a "page turner" as the Twilight Series, I found the premise of the book so unique and original and it was that that really reeled me in. Compared to the Twilight books, I felt that there wasn't much characterization with The Host. It makes sense though, through the eyes of an alien parasite, they don't interact and connect the way humans do, so it worked. But I still find myself thinking that I don't really know who Ian is or even a ton about Wanda. Reading the book flap, I definitely thought there would be more about Melanie and Jared, but I feel I actually know the least about those "main" characters.

The book ended like I wanted it too. It took awhile for me to actually decide where I wanted it to go or how I wanted it to end. About halfway through the book I decided that Wanda should get her own body and be with Ian, leaving Melanie and Jared to be themselves again. I didn't really anticipate how Wanda would help fight with the humans by removing and preserving the other aliens. That was a nice twist. There were many heart-wrenching parts of the book, and I found myself wiping away tears occassionally. The author did a good job of objectifying human emotion, human motivations, and reasoning. She got a lot right. It was also fun to see how humans would live in a rebellion faction at the end of the world--growing crops, working as an underground community for survival. Though the whole book was such a dark premise, there really was a lot of hope and spotlight on the strength of the human spirit and the bonds of love and community. I think she got that spot on.

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Meagan I would have to agree with most of what you said. I do think I like Jared the least of the "main" characters. Why did he kiss Wanda so passionately and tell her he loved her before she went to Doc to be removed from Melanie's body? I didn't like that part, I could see him expressing his overwhelming gratitude... but not passionately kissing her.
I would say that I was drawn in by the characters, I think the author did a supurb job characterizing each person through the eyes of an alien who has never felt as much emotion as she does in her human host. I felt like a learned a lot about the characters, but not everything, which was nice and made it seem more real to me. When do we really know everything about the people around us?
Like Lara I would say it took me quite a while through the book to decide who's "side" I was on and how I wanted it to end. I loved the twist that Wanda was willing to help the humans, you can tell that she truely loves them. I liked the twist at the end that Wanda isn't the only alien helping humans.

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