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Enclave by Ann Aguirre
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Jan 02, 16

it was ok
bookshelves: 2011, genre-adventure, genre-post-apocalyptic-dystopia, audiobook
Read in October, 2011

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*Note: This is a review on the audio edition*

Enclave started out on a strong note. The setting was really interesting. An underground society where people were assigned roles based on their strengths. Not an ideal world by any means, but one of survival. It made me happy to know that even though our future sucks, we are strong and we survive.

Other than that, however, there isn't too much I liked about this book. This is mainly because of Deuce. She is just not that interesting. She is very archetypal and there is almost no character depth. She is obsessed with becoming a huntress and proving herself valuable. Fine. Now what else can you tell me about her? Not much. In addition, she really doesn't make a lot of sense. Her actions one minute are completely contradicted by the next. My primary example of this – Stalker. Stalker is the leader of one of the city gangs. He's pretty despicable, determined to kills fade, via some cruel hunting ritual and imprison Deuce in order to rape her until he's bored. Despite both of these plans, he is later allowed to not only join their group but become a love interest for Deuce! What madness is this?! In my opinion they should've tied him to a tree and left him there.

There are so many other dystopian books out there. It's a flooded and difficult market and I get that. I still would've liked some more original ideas from this book. I felt like I was just reading the same old, same old. The idea of an underground society, completely cut off from a dying world. That's interesting. That's exciting. There's so many places Ann Aguirre could have gone with that. Instead we have an average story with some cut and paste characters. I was sadly disappointed.

Thoughts on the Audio
Thankfully I read this book via audiobook, because the audio is what kept me from putting the book down and moving on. Emily Bauer does an amazing job narrating. She breathes life into what I think would have been a dull story otherwise. I felt like she was really getting into the story, taking on the voices and the personalities of all the characters I encountered. Her voice sounded just young enough ti be age appropriate for the main characters and there was an energy in her reading that made me excited for the story. If you're going to read this book at all I fully recommend listening to the audiobook.


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