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Blood Cross by Faith Hunter
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Sep 15, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: vampire-paranormal
Read in September, 2011

Blood Cross takes place only days after Book 1 of the series, Skinwalker, concludes. Jane has been asked by the New Orleans Vampire Council to take on another case for them... this time a vampire who is turning young vamps (rogues) out into the night unchecked, a BIG no no in the vampire community. Often once a vampire is turned, they must stay with their master (imprisoned) for 10 years give or take to begin to control their blood lust around others.

Although Jane agrees to this job, this is a little dicey. Leo is in a state of despair after loosing his son and having only Jane to blame. Meanwhile, her best witchy friend, Molly, brings her children down for a visit while their house is being worked on. The children, especially Angie, has growing powers that need to be kept in check.

When Leo comes with others to completely destroy Jane's current home, it is only the fact that children are there that keeps him from doing so. No child under vampire law is to be harmed, even witch children (vampires and witches DO NOT get along). Angie and her brother Little Evan actually play a big role in book 2 even though they aren't in the book too much. Witch children have been turned up missing for years. As the growing rogue population grows, Jane turns to all her resources that she can, including undercover cop, Rick as well as vampire servant, George.

Jane also has the opportunity to learn more about herself from a Cherokee mother and daughter that she met in book 1. They assist her to find the strength needed to solve the case of the missing children plus stop "super vamps" from being created. Jane gets to have a heart to heart with one of the oldest vamps in the city and learns more than any other outside the vampire world does.

The conclusion in the book wasn't my favorite. Well.... I did think the vampire community ending was what I expected. I understood her decision to turn down George after the realization of his commitment to his chosen life style. But to turn to Rick??? Rick, who was so..... BLAH in this second book. Plus, half way though the book she's got the total hots for George and just because he's needed elsewhere for the conclusion, Jane dismisses him and turns to Blah Rick? I guess I wish she had had the strength to not get involved with anyone if that was the case.

I did really enjoy the book. However, it felt as if Jane lost a bit of her strength and her steam at the conclusion and epilogue. I hope that book 3 she'll find it again.

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