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Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen
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the sheer joy of winning this goodreads giveaway can not be expressed in mere words. imagine the childlike glee with which i checked the mailbox every afternoon - like ralphie and his little orphan annie secret decoder ring! also, imagine my immense displeasure when it finally arrived and i sliced my finger open tearing into the impressively sealed envelope.

after the bleeding stopped, i was appeased by the fact that it came with a free romance sampler. it's so cheestastic looking - i'm all a-quiver in anticipation of reading it!

oh, my other major gripe: the book came with a sticker that proudly proclaimed: SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!

this was a lie. a shiny, silver lie. don't say a book is signed if it's not.i almost one-starred this on principle.

word to the wise: don't screw with a goodreads' reviewer's emotions!

that said, the book itself is a trashy delight. do not get me wrong. this is not shakespeare. or, if it is, it's only the dirty jokes.
and it's certainly not what jane austen had in mind when she wrote any of her novels.

instead, it's a regency mr. and mrs. smith! there's a lot of heaving bosoms and too-tight britches. but there's also a sexually-tense waltz and plenty of gun and sword fighting.

of course, most scenes are maudlin clamors for a baby (lady smythe has miscarried several times - which seems to come as a shock to her, despite the fact that her chosen profession involves getting shot on a fairly regular basis) and protestations of love. there's also a fair bit of creative problem-solving in order to prolong the gratuitous sex scene until the bitter end. that's cool. the "plot" seems to be thinly constructed around babywishin' and babymakin'...

but no one reads these things for the plot, do they???

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