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White - Graphic Novel by Ted Dekker
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I just remember being disappointed with the ending and with the explanations behind everything. I don't know whether it was because I didn't understand it (lack of theological knowledge) or because it just didn't make sense, but I didn't like it. The Great Romance thing annoyed me as well as the change between female leads (I like characters to fall in love and stay in love; I don't do well with the idea that there can be more than one true love in a person's life; I guess I expect that most people settle for a decent kind of love rather than an epic one and that in fiction the epic ones should last). I don't mind religious undertones in a book, an allegory isn't a bad thing, but this book really slaps you in the face with the message (even if I didn't understand it all...)

Violence, language and sex are pretty consistent throughout the trilogy.

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