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Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare
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Sep 15, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: romance
Read in September, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Unlawful Contact is a good example of how good writing cannot save a terrible book.

My problems with this book are many, but we'll start with the characters:

1) Marc Hunter is possessive and violent. I found him to be completely unheroic and most of how he treated Sophie creeped me out. He got jealous when he found the morning-after pills in her apartment? Did he think she was living in a nunnery for 10 years? He follows her around in his Jag, just to watch over her? Hello -- Edward Cullen and his creepy spying-because-he-loves-her nonsense. And the way he panders to her when she is explaining her strategy for the case. Marc knew all this because he was an investigator/agent/whatever, but he was letting her talk. Letting her talk?! So nice of the big man to let his little lady talk.

2)Sophie was a wet noodle. "It's okay, dear. You only pointed a gun at me because you are suffering from PTSD after six years in prison. I forgive you. Let's have sex." Really? Not, "Honey, let's get you some therapy." And then she willfully decides to bring a child into this relationship! Poor decision making skills dear. As far as she knows, the best future will be her as a single mom with NO money, a stressful job, and the child's father dead in a shootout with the police. Preventing a pregnancy seems like the smart thing to do in that situation, especially when there is a chance she will be in prison too. And I found the turn around from "I'm in my dream job" to "all I care about is bearing Marc's child" unbelievable and diminishing of Sophie. I think this is what Dear Author called the Defeated Heroine (

Then the plot:

I'm supposed to believe that they all turn into one, big, happy middle-class family after all this? After only one year? That's there's not years of therapy required before Marc is allowed to have a gun again? That the judge says "I think time served is fine"? I think the ending diminished all the struggles a real happy ending for this family would have to go through.

Then the two scenes that pissed me off:

1)The book was published in 2008. I don't know when it was written, but it should have been updated to reflect that Sophie would get her hands on a picture of Marc BEFORE she saw him in prison. She could have googled him (a DEA agent kills a DEA agent would still be easy to find). She could have searched her own newspaper's archives for a photo. I'm sure they had one, a big case like that. Those two options ignores the online inmate search. Even if she didn't find a photo of him this way, it should have been addressed. I really doubted her investigative skills that she didn't even LOOK!

2)Tonguing sushi like he's pretending to perform oral sex. Just eew.

I really liked The Naked Edge, so this book was an even greater disappointment. I had such high hopes. Instead, my favorite bad-boy trope was ruined.

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