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Cross My Heart by Katie Klein
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Sep 15, 2011

really liked it
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Read in November, 2011

I bought this book without even looking to see what it was about. I just went and bought it and boy am I glad I did. This book was one of those HOLY SHAZAMM!! books you sometimes read about. It was amazing and I loved it. I really, really, really, really loved it. Really. It is easily going down as one of the best books I have read all year. So enough of my rambling and onto my actual review of the book.

Cross My Heart is about Jaden (she is a control freak bent on going to Harvard, everyone loves her, she is really kind and selfless) and Parker (Parker is the talk of the town, he rides a motorbike and is the town bad boy even though inside he’s super smart and caring and generally a good person that has a hidden past. I also kinda fall in love with him. He’s just that awesome….and loveable). Jaden comes late to class one day when they are picking partners for an assignment and because of it she is stuck with Parker, they soon become friends and he soon has her questioning everything she’s worked for. They are together for the highs and lows of life and soon they start to fall in love. So many amazing things happen to them and this book is easily re-readable (I’m gonna read it again tonight ;) But you should read it once first even though it may not sound totally original the way the author does it kinda makes it).

I loved the plot, you think you know what is gonna happen then BAM! It all changes. There are just the right amount of twists and turns, the book moves at the most perfect pace ever. Everything in there needs to be in there, the author is not adding un-necessary parts. But most of all it’s real. The book is about as real (and amazing) as it gets. If I could I would give this book a gazillion-trillion-thousand out of five. It was just that amazing.

Loved the writing. I thought it was written perfectly, the words used and the emotions brought up by the writing, amazing. I had no idea why I picked up this book, but by the time I was about 20 pages in I could not put it down and for a book to be like that for me it has to have some amazing writing and boy did this book have some pretty amazing writing.

Onto the characters. Boy I could go on for forever about the characters, the two main character; Jaden and Parker were both such strong characters, and I loved them both. I loved watching Jaden change, I think this book has got to have some of the best character development I have read in a book in ages. Parker has got to be one of the most intricate and beautiful and loveable male leads I have read about in ages. He was absolutely amazing and when his secret comes out at the end HOLY SHIT! I was left speechless, I read over and over that part so many times (it was a little ridiculous) before I got the full force of what had just happened. Together they have got to be one of the best fictional couples I have read about in ages because it was love and it developed over time it wasn’t a full on lust at first sight, they actually fell in love over time and all the bumps and troubles that come with it were there and overall the characters and their relationship was just so real and I loved watching it develop over time.

It was an amazing book and I recommend it to YA lovers, book lovers, and the general population as a whole. It was a great book and right now I am tempted to go up to people on the street holding this book going “you have got to read this book! It was amazing! Easily one of my favorites!!! Read it!!!! Or I will hunt you down and force you to in your sleep!! You’ll never know what hit you *evil laugh*” Yeah…right now I would seriously do that. This book was just dead drop amazing. Message you should come away with after reading this review: READ THE BOOK!
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