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Winter's End by Jean-Claude Mourlevat
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Sep 14, 2011

liked it

The good: The starts out feeling fairly normal, like it's taking place in the real world (albiet in an oppressive bording school in France). But it's actually more of an alternate reality, the world contains some pretty fantastic things (including Dog-men and Horse-men). And there's a pretty neat mystery going on as to why the children are in the school and why they have professional "consolers" instead of parents.

The bad: the story was translated from French to english, and some parts of the book are really akwardly phrased.

For example: "she laid her head near his hands, that were not the hands of a killer." Well guess what? He just KILLED someone, so I'm pretty sure that by definition they ARE the hands of a killer.

Worse then this, the the characters are not very brave. The "resistance" has to find a whole different sub-species of the human race to do their fighting for them and three of the for main characters do nothing but watch as the forth dies a horrific death. Even though they are in a position to attempt a rescue.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for these people?

It felt a bit empty to me.

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