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Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey
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Apr 23, 2008

really liked it
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Read in January, 2010 , read count: 2

This review is based on the second reading.

I love Kushiel's Legacy. I don't know how many times I've said that, or to how many people, but I do. I really, REALLY do. I don't know if it comes down to the beautiful romance between Phedre and Joscelin (and later, Imriel and Sidonie), or if it is the complicated weaving of plot after plot, the incredible world Carey has given us or the epic adventures across lands and seas in said world. I think it's a bit of all four. Alone, these four elements are powerful; combined, they are a force that cannot be reckoned with.

The first time I read Dart, I hated it. Well, at least the first 100 pages or go. I absolutely couldn't stand it and mocked it mercilessly. I wanted to kill the friend who recommended it to me. And then somewhere along the line, I went from mocking every turn of event to having my nose glued to the page, and I fell in love. It's nearing three years later and the love is still going strong.

Granted, the intricate political conspiracies went COMPLETELY above my head. I was glued to the page, but I had no idea what was going on. I cheered when there was triumph, cried when there was failure, but I didn't know why these events were happening. It's sadly a bit hilarious to think back on.

Reading the series again, I found I did not have that problem, and the series is all the more mesmerising. I don't know if it's because I've grown up, or because a second reading has dawned comprehending, or for any other reason. It was like reading the series in a fresh new light, and the laughter and tears was all the more stronger thanks to comprehension.

There are still moments in this book where I will groan and cry, "just go HOME already, Phedre!" So many points in which this story could end and yet it just keeps going. It drives you a little insane, but at the same time I think that is Carey's way of drawing you into Phedre's mind. Phedre wants to go home just as much as you do, but sorry, she can't, so you have to suffer along with her.

Some things that still hold strong for me:
- Phedre as a courtesan and spy. The mix is just unbelievably kick ass. She's still one of the greatest heroines I've come across.
- Alcuin and Delauney. I miss these awesome fellows.
- JOSCELIN'S CASSILINE WAYS. Having read the series to the end, where Joscelin has grown and evolved beautifully, reading back to when he was somber and moody and judgemental was just hilarious. I love this boy more than words can say.
- Phedre's Boys' marching chant - how could I have forgotten the awesomeness? I laughed until I cried upon reading them again.
- Melisande is totally one of the greatest villains EVER. I friggen love her as much as I hate her.

So much more. So much more. I would keep going, but I've already finished Chosen and I'm dying to move onto Avatar.
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Quotes Christina Liked

Jacqueline Carey
“If I had to fall from Cassiel's grace, at least I know it took a courtesan worthy of Kings to do it.”
Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel's Dart

Jacqueline Carey
“That which yields is not always weak.”
Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel's Dart

Jacqueline Carey
“It's funny, how one can look back on a sorrow one thought one might well die of at the time, and know that one had not yet reckoned the tenth part of true grief.”
Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel's Dart

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01/13/2010 page 10
1.11% "Reading it again!"
01/14/2010 page 75
8.32% "Way more awesome the second time round."
01/16/2010 page 357
39.62% "Expected, and yet still DHDHDGDHDF!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO! I rec this book to EVERYONE."
01/16/2010 page 388
43.06% ""If you are true, if you are true... I CANNOT ABANDON YOU, Phedre no Delauney!" Oh, JOSCELIN... <3"
01/19/2010 page 670
74.36% "Omg I FORGOT how much I LOVE the Dalriada Twins."
01/19/2010 page 719
79.8% "Whip us til we're on the floor; we'll turn around and ask for more; WE'RE PHEDRE'S BOYS! (I LOVE PHEDRE'S BOYS)"
01/20/2010 page 783
86.9% ""Tomorrow she'll want to sail to Khebbel-im-Akkad. We ought to lock her in a dungeon and throw away the key." PROPHETIC!!! I love it!"
01/20/2010 page 837
92.9% ""Keep these two with you, will you? They seem to be damnably hard to kill." Mwahaha!"

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