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The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom
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Mar 30, 2016

it was ok
bookshelves: kindle, fiction, couldn-t-finish, romance
Read from December 25 to 28, 2011 , read count: One too many

I had sorted this book as literature on my shelf well it is definitely not literature but more cheap sensational stuff based on stereotypes.

While reading this book this is what I wrote:
"I am not liking this book. It feels like the books I read when I was a teen and had nothing good to read. It is too much. Too much sorrow and everything goes wrong. Now she is going to make life changing decisions because of lack of communication. If there is something I dislike it is that in books.

I meant by that that you know a woman could have had a great live, if not for a stupid misunderstanding. Like in the cheap harlequin?romance books (here in The Netherlands they were (are?) called bouquet reeks. I now discover that indeed the publisher is harlequin where they never understand each other and because of that make dumb decisions and when they finally get together they tell each other they loved each other from the start.

After a while (65%) I decided to quit reading which is something I hardly ever do. I knew what was going to happen and I could not care less. So disappointing. Had this book on my wish list for ages. Well I never throw books away and i can't bookcross it because it is an ebook. So I will hit the delete book from device button. :)

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33.0% "It is quite depressing. Not as upbeat as for instance The Help. I know there is going to be much more sorrow."
51.0% "I am not liking this book. It feels like the books i read when I was a teen. It is too much. Too much sorrow and everything goes wrong. Now she is going to make life changing decisions because of lack of communication. If there is something I dislike it is that in books."
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message 1: by Lucy (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy I agree, Marlene
It's soap opera of the worst kind

♥ Marlene♥ Yay. Sorry you hated it too. Well disliked it. Hope you did not finish?

message 3: by Melinda010100 (new)

Melinda010100 This one has been on my wish list, too. Thanks for the heads up....I'm removing it.

message 4: by Hayes (new)

Hayes How disappointing! So many people loved it. I cannot tolerate harlequin type things, so this is probably not for me either.

♥ Marlene♥ No Hayes. It is really a story like the harlequin books, only they covered it up with it being played in another time where there was slavery.

Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh I'm forcing myself to finish it so I can move onto something decent. One of my oldest & best friends raved so much about it, I'm thinking what the xx&& kinda drugs you on girl? But she's 75 so that can't be it...I'm actually dreading posting my review, she'll be hurt... But this is nothing short of pulp fiction

Cecie Browne I finished, but agree with you completely.

♥ Marlene♥ Thanks Cecie. I am still annoyed they sold this as a kind of intelligent historical fiction book but it was a harlequin in disguise :)
I must be happy that i did not buy this book though ;)

message 9: by Staci (new)

Staci Hart It was AWFUL. So bad. I'm really surprised at how many people liked it. It was so poorly written, I could barely stand it. I finished it because I was reading it for book club. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten 50 pages in.

♥ Marlene♥ Well I have to give you my compliments Staci, for finishing it. ;)

message 11: by Staci (new)

Staci Hart haha! It was a feat of will!

message 12: by Marie (new) - added it

Marie I agree! I read about half of it and decided last night that I can't take it anymore.

♥ Marlene♥ Sorry you had to go through it as well Marie. We should start a support group. lmao. ;)

Imani I can't leave books hanging and just skimmed until I reached the end. couldn't agree more after that ending. I could have ripped out my own hair or ripped up the pages but it was a library book so...

Valerie Loved your review! Like you, I felt cheated, scammed, and dumified after reading it. I can NOT believe this book has received the praises that it did. Unfortunately, I can't even place blame on finishing it on a book club. I finished it because I can't stand to leave a book unread and somehow it became a sick comedy in that I had to see what other stupid turns it could take. Not to mention that the writing seems very childlike and at times I wondered if I was reading a YA novel. Glad, I've found that I am not the only one who didn't enjoy this book.

♥ Marlene♥ Thanks Valerie. This has to be marketing. Make a harlequin into a presumed Historical Fiction aka Sarah Waters, or Dunant. Instead of the existing cover it should have a man and a woman in lust on the front. ;)

Desiree Cox I feel the same way!! It’s such a lack of imagination when authors use poor communication as an excuse for their characters turmoil. It’s so frustrating!

Natalie I guess if I had read a "Harlequin" I would know what you are talking about. I loved this book--great character, setting and plot development.

Margie Adam It was not as good as I expected it to be and I mostly stay away from nonfiction for this reason, I just do not find many Any more that are believable. That said, I did enjoy the characters and I certainly would not compare it to a harlequin . I also feel that there was something to be learned from this book.

Gloria Bernal I totally disagree with this review. Life is not a fairly tale. This is not a "feel good, beach read" but moving and well done.

message 21: by Terry (new) - rated it 1 star

Terry This book was a terrible waste of my reading time. I had to quit reading at page 223 before I got any more disgusted with myself at being sucked into the promise of a great read by high ratings from supposed readers here and on Amazon.
It's just Harlequin story...

Aretha Gaines I agree with Natalie and Gloria! I loved this book because as the author stated the story came through her from the two slaves. And if you read the summary, I would think that would tell you if you would have enough interest in the book or not. Oh well, can't please everyone!

Jessica Grissom based this off of true events (if you read her author's note and acknowledgments). I don't understand why this is so awful and "based on stereotypes". This is MUCH more realistic than a book like "The Help", which it has been likened to.

Leslie I totally agree with those who don't feel this book is worth reading. The characters were pulled from Roots and Gone With the Wind, minus the great script and wonderful writing. All of the characters were completely stereotypes and caricatures of themselves, from the large black pillar of strength mama Mae (the Mammy character), to the Sukey/Prissy character who actually says to mama Mae, " I can't birth a baby!" There was too much drama, which I do understand the plight of the southern slaves was not at all fair nor easy, but this book was a battering ram of mishaps, put together to move story along. If you want to read well-written antebellum fiction, don't select The Kitchen House.

Kellie Smith Whoever said this book was based on true events, read the author's notes again. This book was based on the voices in her head and nothing more than that.

♥ Marlene♥ lol Kellie. I am sitting behind my laptop grinning like I imagine a lunatic would. Do I have to read the author's notes? Okay I will. Nothing against the author and you made me curious.

Kellie Smith Oh, it's entertaining. ;)

message 28: by Ann-Marie (new)

Ann-Marie Oh no!! My husband bought me this book for Christmas and I haven't gotten around to it... Now I'm really not wanting to read it!!

♥ Marlene♥ Ann-marie. There are tons of people that do like it so just give it a try. I really hope you'll enjoy it (and what a lovely hubbie) ;)

message 30: by Mirjam (new)

Mirjam Penning This was funny to read. :)
I will stay away from this one. If there is something I outgrew in books it sure is 'de bouquetreeks', hahaha.

♥ Marlene♥ Haha Yes you at least know what I mean. They were always the same. 2 strong willed characters one male the other female were attracted to each other but never admitted that. They were always fighting with each other and then finally in the end they were like when was the moment you knew you did love me? burp. bahahahahaha and yes they were always so misunderstood.

message 32: by Mirjam (last edited Mar 18, 2014 06:47AM) (new)

Mirjam Penning Oh, definitely. Almost common knowledge in the Netherlands, lol.
I read that genre, to me it's a certain genre, time and time again, I think between 12 and 16, then I abandoned it forgood.
That about sums up the genre, yes. :)
Or they did admit, were having a relationship and then for some stupid reason they totally had a fall out and couldn't stand each other anymore, unwilling to communicate, suddenly unable to communicate normally, treat each other distantly etc, meanwhile very much pining inside. (Face palm and rolling eyes.)
Nearing the end of the book suddenly with a few simple words all was okay again. Well, couldn't you two have done that before? Give each other the benefit of the doubt sooner?
I will give myself the benefit of the doubt that I did read those books. I was still very young. That's my excuse, haha.

message 33: by Cece (new)

Cece G Glad I read this. It's been on my list for a while. I don't do harlequin so I am deleting. I thought I had bought it already but thank heavens I haven't.

♥ Marlene♥ If you have a membership of a library maybe try it for free first? Thanks for the trust in me Cece. :)

Patricia Allen It's even worse as an audio book.

♥ Marlene♥ Oh really Patricia. Oh poor you. ;)

message 37: by Jessaka (new)

Jessaka I have this book in my give-away pile. I had looked at it, read a few reviews like yours, and it is out of it. Maybe I didn't waste too much money on it as I think I got it at the library sale.

♥ Marlene♥ Maybe you can make someone happy who likes to read books like these? Good that you did not pay tons for it. :)

Leslie this is one of the worst books I've ever begun. on every level. attempting to finish because I'm no quitter but will deserve a medal for doing so. how did this ever get published?

♥ Marlene♥ Lol Leslie. Lol how many people did like it. I was just looking at a book by Diane Chamberlain that was so ridiculous. Keeper of The Light. I gave it 2 stars because the story was really stupid. Then I checked and there are tons of 5 star reviews. Even worse what I had not know was that she even wrote 2 other books and it was made into a trilogy. bahahahaha

Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain

So moral of this story. people have such different tastes.. :)

Sherry Bledsoe Wow, we definitely disagree on what defines good literature. This was a good book and her sequel to this book is now available. Cant wait to read it!

Sherry Bledsoe And to the person who commented back in 2013 that it was better than "The Help" which was not realistic: you must not have been raised in the deep south during the 50s and 60s. "The Help" was very spot-on! I was one of those kids with a black woman who took care of me while my Mom was a career woman. Many black woman were great second mother's to little girl's like me and many times much better mother's who came home and were stuck with us on week-ends!! Matter of fact, it seemed that the whole neighborhood was ran by black "mother's" during the week

message 43: by Whitny (new)

Whitny I started the book and was reflecting about the writing and also agree with the consensus. Not good writing. I don't usually quit either but I'm going to this time. I don't have time to read books about people who can't communicate. It's annoying.

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