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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
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Aug 14, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on September 13, 2011

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read this series. Patricia Briggs work is sort of essential reading for most Urban Fantasy lovers, as is evidenced by the 5 star ratings her books get on almost every blog/review site. I’d just put off reading her because werewolves in general are not my favorite urban fantasy creatures, and ware-coyotes (or walkers if you want to get technical) sounded even less interesting to me. After reading two chapters of Moon Called, I found myself soundly smacking myself on the head for putting off reading the book for so long. It is SO good. Like really really engaging work. Every book in the series is action packed, full of amazing characters, and beautiful story telling.

|| Premise ||
Mercedes (Mercy) was raised by a pack of werewolves, and while she’s moved away in an attempt to distance herself from their politics, she still maintains close ties with them. When her local pack alpha (the oh so sexy Adam Hauptmann) comes under attack, she does the right thing and steps in to lend aid.

|| World ||
The story really does read as unique to me because it focuses on werewolves. Although Fae and Vampires exist in the world, they are distant side characters. Her wolves are smart, well organized, and very likeable.

The author has created organizational structures for each of her supernatural species that make sense.

The world building is simple – but superb. There aren’t any complex magical or scientific principles to explain, but everything is very well laid out and makes sense. There’s nothing that feels far fetched or implausible to me.

|| Characters ||

Characterization is definitely this author’s strong suite. Mercy may very well be one of the best strong female protagonists in this genre. The only gal I’d put against her would be Merit from the Chicagoland Vampires series. Mercy is strong without being foolhardy or full of insane bravado. She’s the kind of girl that’s too smart to foolishly throw herself in the way of danger, she’ll handle whatever comes her way on her own. No knights in shining armor needed here. She’s honorable and loyal, and would gladly sacrifice her life to do the right thing for people she cares about . You can’t help but love this gal.

Adam Hauptmann is the alpha werewolf of Mercy’s local pack, and he’s just fantastic. On one hand he’s the semi classic alpha type you find in many romance novels – he’s anal retentive, controlling, and over protected. On the other hand there’s this soft side to him. He works to really hard to know the people around him. I had the sense through most of the story that Adam understood Mercy, and half the other characters in the story better than they understood themselves. It makes him an amazing leader, as well as a down right loveable character.

Sam is the son of the Alpha of all Alpha werewolves. He’s ancient (like hundreds of years old), but has a very human personality. He’s really the heartbreaker of the series – his backstory is very tragic, and you won’t be able to help but care for him when you’ve seen all he’s been through. His soft, light happy personality seems odd when you consider his past, but it just makes him all the more loveable.

Side characters include a fantastic Scooby do loving vampire named Stefan who is probably one of the more multi-dimensional characters in the story, and an ancient iron fey named Zee who used to run Mercy’s mechanic shop and is old, grumpy, very powerful and downright cool.

|| Romance ||

These books aren’t romance focus – it sort of takes place in the background, and it very yummie, but not very “in your face.”

There’s a love triangle present in this book between Mercy, Sam, and Adam. I’m not normally a big love triangle fan, but this one didn’t bother me, mostly because the romance wasn’t a huge part of the story, and Mercy didn’t bounce back and forth too much between the guys.

I also liked each of the characters in the triangle for various reasons (although Adam was definitely my favorite).

|| Plot ||

Fantastic, page turning, and impossible to put down. I felt this way about every book in the series up to River Marked, which seemed slow paced to me. Moon Called will suck you in within the first few chapters, and you’ll probably avoid sleep, eating, going out or anything else that would distract you from its pages until you’re done.

HIGHLY recommended book/series. If are a urban fantasy fan, these books should be considered a “must read.”

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