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Lost Light by Michael Connelly
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Nov 18, 2014

it was amazing
bookshelves: crime-mystery, 5-star-other
Read in September, 2011

Engaging, exciting crime mystery with a wonderful feel good ending.

As I was listening to this book over a few days, I was always eager to get back to it. I felt like I was living an exciting life. I had feelings of hope, anticipation, and excitement throughout those days. At the end of the book I was happy. I felt elation. Life is good. I was energized. That makes this a great book. These are the kind of feelings I expect and hope to get from romance novels. So the fact that I’m getting them from a crime mystery amazes me. There is no romance in this. Connelly is my standard for good mystery and suspense writing. I wish more romance authors would write like him, just add some good romantic relationship development, and that would be perfect.

In this book many things happened that I didn’t expect during Bosch’s solving of the mystery. I loved the things he did to survive when several men with guns tried to kill him. He had no gun. That was special. It was a well done action scene.

I had one complaint. Maybe it was partly because I was doing this as an audiobook and could have missed it. I know “who” killed Angela but I wasn’t clear about the “motive” for her murder. I believe it was a distraction so the authorities would spend more time on her murder than on another crime. I don’t know if she knew anything about the other crime. If someone has answers, I’d appreciate your telling me in a comment below.

This is the first Bosch book that was written in first person. It worked well. So far I’m happy with either first or third by this author.

The narrator Len Cariou was very good. Although I did notice he had an accent which took me out of the story, because I kept wondering about the source of his accent. I have since learned he is Canadian. His accent reminds me of the north and northeastern US. He uses the vowel sound in “cot” as the sound for caught, father, coffee. For example “talk” sounds like “tahk.” It wasn’t bad, but it just didn’t fit a “west coast Harry Bosch.” I prefer Dick Hill’s narration for that. A couple seconds of jazz music between chapters was a nice touch.

In books 1 to 7 Bosch is a Los Angeles police homicide detective. In this book 8 Bosch has retired and decides to solve a four-year-old unsolved murder case that still bothers him. Although he obtained a private investigator’s license, he is doing this for himself. Angela was a production assistant for a movie. She was murdered. A few days later $2 million was stolen from the movie set. A list of serial numbers for the bills was distributed. One of the bills was found in the hands of terrorist Aziz. He was arrested by the FBI, and the FBI took over the case. The FBI has prohibited the local police and Bosch from working on the case. An FBI agent working on the case disappeared three years ago. Her associates believe she was murdered. So far the FBI has not solved the murders or the robbery. Bosch intends to.

Unabridged audiobook length: 9 hrs and 37 mins. Narrator: Len Cariou. Swearing language: strong but not frequently used. Sexual language: none. Number of sex scenes: one, referred to after the fact, not shown. Setting: 2002 mostly Los Angeles and southern, California, plus Las Vegas, Nevada. Book Copyright: 2003. Genre: crime mystery. Ending: Exciting and feel good.

OTHER BOOKS - FOUR SERIES (Bosch, McEvoy, McCaleb, Haller):
I recommend reading the Harry Bosch books in order, but it would be ok to try “The Last Coyote” or “Lost Light” first, just to see if you like the style. Then go back and read the rest in order. Following is my recommended reading order. I’ve included four series within this list because there is a date flow and the characters interact. All of these books could be read as stand-alones, but reading them in order provides richer character development. All books below are full length. I am not listing his short stories.

3 stars. The Black Echo (Bosch #1)
3 ½ stars. The Black Ice (Bosch #2)
4 stars. The Concrete Blonde (Bosch #3)
5 stars. The Last Coyote (Bosch #4)
4 stars. Trunk Music (Bosch #5)
4 stars. Angels Flight (Bosch #6)
4 ½ stars. Blood Work (McCaleb #1) Bosch is not in this.
3 ½ stars. A Darkness More Than Night (McCaleb #2) (Bosch #7) McCaleb is the primary investigator, but he interacts with Bosch.
3 ½ stars. City Of Bones (Bosch #8)
5 stars. Lost Light (Bosch #9)
5 stars. The Poet (McEvoy #1) Bosch is not in this. Read this any time before “The Narrows.”
4 stars. The Narrows (McEvoy #2 sequel to The Poet) (Bosch #10) Bosch is the main investigator.
4 ½ stars. The Scarecrow (McEvoy #3)
3 stars. The Closers (Bosch #11)
3 ½ stars. Echo Park (Bosch #12)
4 stars. The Overlook (short, half-length) (Bosch #13)
4 ½ stars. The Lincoln Lawyer (Haller #1) Bosch is not in this.
4 stars. The Brass Verdict (Haller #2) (Bosch #14) Bosch has a small part in this.
4 ½ stars. Nine Dragons. (Bosch #15) Haller has a small part in this.
3 stars. The Reversal. (Haller #3) (Bosch #16) Mostly Haller. Bosch has a secondary role.
3 stars. The Fifth Witness (Haller #4)
5 stars. The Drop (Bosch #17)
5 stars. The Black Box (Bosch #18)
5 stars. The Gods of Guilt (Haller #5)

4 ½ stars. Void Moon
2 stars. Chasing the Dime
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Mandy Great review and guide to Connelly ' s series!

Jane Stewart Seeing your comment motivated me to update the above, so I added some more books.

Thanks Mandy

ElaineY Ah, so Bosch does retire from the force. I'm starting on this one today:) Glad to know Len Cariou is good.

ElaineY Jane, I had the same problem with you over Angella's death and the reason for her killing. I had to check the Kindle to read that part as it's easily missed in the audio. If you're still interested, I'll PM you that part.

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