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Crank by Ellen Hopkins
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Sep 21, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: 8th-grade
Read from September 12 to 20, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This was a very intense book, and I loved it. It was about a girl, Kristina, who was addicted to drugs. This story takes place over her junior year in Arizona. Her father and boyfriend introduced Kristina to cocaine. When she returned to her mother's, the book describes her problems with finding drugs, with her family, and with boys. The drugs made Kristina feel good and energetic. However, there was an on-going pattern. Wherever the drugs were, there was trouble. For example, a boy offered her drugs, and she decided to go get them. The boy raped her. Later on, you find out that Kristina was pregnant by this boy. Ironically, the baby was a miracle to her life. She didn't completely stop doing drugs, but she limited herself. All in all, Kristina went through the battle of finding herself. She didn't know whether she was sweet Kristina or daring Bree. In the end, she found out she was neither. This book was called Crank because just like a crank for a machine, drugs helped her keep going in times of difficulties.


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09/13/2011 page 80
15.0% "I've just began my book Crank by Ellen Hopkins. The book is written in verse, and a quick page turner. From what I've read, the book is about a girl, Katherine, in her junior year of high school. She is a straight-A student with no friends, and a screwed up family. Katherine gets a call from her drug addict father asking her to stay for three weeks in the summer. When she goes she meets a guy, Adam, and becomes"
09/14/2011 page 160
30.0% "The monster Katherine has been hinting about is cocaine. She was introduced to the drug by Adam and her father. Her relationship with Adam gets more intense, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend. In this part of the book, Adam's girlfriend commits suicide after watching him and Katherine kiss. Katherine goes through a guilty stage, which shows that she still has a heart. It's dumb that she changed for a boy." 1 comment
09/15/2011 page 240
45.0% "I wonder why Katherine went looking for cocaine. It doesn't make sense that she did that because she could've stayed home and gotten better. Previously she was a responsible person. Now, she is letting boys influence her behavior."
09/16/2011 page 320
60.0% "I see an on-going pattern. Bree bases her decisions on where the drugs are, and usually this leads to trouble. For example, she flirted with two boys. One was the "perfect boyfriend" while the other was the "rebel". When the "perfect" one offers cocaine, she goes, and he rapes her. However, the "rebel" really loves her, and tries to explain how she should have limits when using drugs. She should look at her life."
09/19/2011 page 450
84.0% "Nothing interesting has happened yet in this part of the book. Bree keeps on doing drugs. On her birthday she takes to many drugs, and crashes with a fever. I can't believe her parents have some idea of what is happening to Kristina, and are doing nothing. She is in a lot of trouble, and I predict that she is going to be in even more soon."
09/20/2011 page 537
100.0% "This part of the book completely blew my mind! Katherine finds out she is pregnant by the guy who rapes her. I find that maybe the baby was a miracle for her life. She doesn't completely stop taking drugs, but she limits herself to only once in a while. Also, she is now closer to her family after telling the whole truth. This book was called crank because just like a crank with a machine, the drugs kept her going." 1 comment

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