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Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey
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Sep 12, 2011

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Score: 3.5 stars

I had been waiting for this book so long. I dreamed about it, no lie. Just the blurb contained every single thing I could ever hope for in a book, but, sadly, Dragonswood failed to deliver in many ways. I do not regret reading this book at all, in fact, I liked it, it just failed to meet my expectations in a big way.

The book is a little slow-paced. All the events in the story take a while to happen and the actual, central plot of the story takes the stage very late into the book. The writing style also slows the reading. While I commend the author for sounding historically correct and introducing a pretty, simple prose to the book, some passages where a little awkward to read and the chapter transitions felt forced. I can only attribute this to a slightly old-fashioned style of writing , but I just wish every chapter didn't end in such an unexciting manner, with barely any cliffhangers at all.

Tess is a strong protagonist and I was really looking forward to see how she would develop independently and strong as the story progressed, but that didn't happen how I pictured it. Tess was more stubborn than actually clearly independent of thought, and there were barely any occasions in which she actually saved herself or didn't depend on someone else. Furthermore, while I loved the progression of the romance, the easy way in which Tess is enthralled by Garth went against many of the things that Tess promised herself since the beginning of the book. I didn't mind that she felt attracted to him, not at all, but the waiting on him, the subjecting to his mood shifts, the following after him, that bothered me and weakened Tess as a character. I don't think it was because she didn't live up to my "feminist standards" because I understand very well how everything can change when one falls in love with someone. It's just that Tess allowed herself to be at the beck and call of a man, even though he was a good man and never abused her, and made rash decisions in the story solely because he didn't look at her or something like that. Just because we fall in love doesn't mean we must let go of all our ideals. If Tess continued to be a strong, independent character, that didn't mean she wouldn't love Garth or be good to him, specially when said male character liked that about her. Having said that, and like I mentioned previously, the romance progressed nicely and in a believable manner that left me satisfied.

My major problems with this book were the lack of a main antagonist and a climax and the predictability of all plot-twists. The resolution of the story comes without any kind of trouble and without very little effort from any of the characters. Alliances are made between enemies without complication, what could be referred to as the "bad guy" is never actually a present threat in the story and many side-plots are conveniently left unsolved. Furthermore, the plot-twists that carried the whole of the story were easy to figure out since the beginning of the book. And, in the end, Tess's gift has little importance in the story just like her group of friends who only managed to annoy me and add unnecessary complications and drama to the story.

This book had so much promise, and though, like I said before, I don't regret at all having read it, this book is not the instant favorite I thought it would be. It is an enjoyable and nicely crafted fantasy story, but it just needed a little bit more of something to be the epic and wonderful book it was supposed to be.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

How is it?

Rayne Well, so far the story is good, but I am not liking the narration. Its kind of ruining it for me. I'll let you know how it goes.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Hmm, what's wrong with the narration?

To be honest, this book never caught my attention much. Weird because the cover is gorgeous!

Rayne The author is having issues with transitions between scenes and with evoking the right amount of emotion when the protagonist narrates. So far, it kind of goes like this: this happened and then this and then this person came along and did that and that and that's it.
That its really bothering me. I feel no suspense or fear or anything. Idk. I was really looking forward to it and I'm a little disappointed right now.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

OMG I hate it when that happens. I haven't read a book like that lately, but I know how awful it is to read one like it. How sad! :/

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