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Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb
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Oct 03, 11

really liked it
bookshelves: epic-fantacy, adult
Read from September 22 to October 03, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This is the first robin Hobb book I ever read and I don't think it would be the last, I intend to at least finish the series and I recommend it for people how like books about adventure but in a slow character building pace . I thought the book was a very good one, the world and character building is splendid, it's rather slow and there are many characters, also I found it rather dark but that could be a bonus for others but not me!!
The characters alone can take up pages to discuss, my first favorite character was wintrow I don't know why, but then I replaced him with kennit, I don't know why either but I found myself anticipating/enjoying the chapters about him more than any other character, I wish I could know more about his childhood and whatever made him the terrible man he is!!, I even found the Etta-kennit pairing much better than the Althea-branshon pairing,Etta is so suitable for Kennit hehehehe.
Althea on the other hand was the most boring character for me, the chapters that followed her journey seemed like a waste of time to me.
Branshon, paragon, Amber, Ronica were all secondary characters to me,non of them seamed to capture my attention, well maybe paragon at some point then I realized that he wasn't gonna tell me-or amber- anything interesting so I just dismissed him.
Kyle.. well at first I told myself that I was not going to hate him just because of what Althea thought of him, he seamed like a responsible man trying to protect his family from bankruptcy, but then I ended up hating him anyway..I actually held up until he marked his son as a slave.. that was a bit to much for me.
Keffrea and Malta were quite interesting for me..again I can't tell why but I think it was surprising to see characters that I thought were minors step up and take a role in the event..didn't like malta though but I enjoyed watching her lead her own downfall..Yep am evil!!
I think I spoke a lot of the characters but the characters are the most important aspect in this book, in fact it feels like this book is merely introducing characters for the next book, which I already marked as to-read.

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