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The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice
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Sep 11, 11

it was amazing

I attempted to read this book in 8th grade but the full depth of the story couldn't have been appreciated back then. I'm in college now and it took me a couple months to finish it. I have to say, I understand now why Anne Rice is considered the queen of the vampires. Everything from the writing style itself to the characters, the plot line, and the possible meanings behind all of it drives me wild to think about. One would think it would be impossible to relate to a vampire but Lestat de Lioncourt was so real to me. The madness that he goes through as time passes; thoughts of religion or lack of, whether vampires are truly Satan's worshipers,whether it's really possible to find happiness in eternity and if that can be among humans. Not only remarkable ideas on a philosophical argument but then there are the opinions of other vampires that combat the "New Age of Vampire" Lestat carves for himself as time marches forward... Just... Amazing.

Not to mention the language itself is perfect for the story of vampires. Anne Rice has such a hypnotic way of writing, weaving in the description of sceneries with the emotional and yet random thoughts of Lestat, alongside the action itself. Philosophical arguments made seductive. The sensations of those who sleep during the day, climb walls, devour the blood of humans. All difficult to describe and yet captivating me, making mind blowing feats real! And yet Ms. Rice can switch voice with ease, later on when Marius enters the novel and has such a different story telling than Lestat and yet it's still interesting!

A couple more remarks: I love how Lestat even after all the years he remains true to himself by becoming a rock star; time really cannot change a character from his moments on the theater stage, to a concert stage. I also cracked up when Marius stated he could shatter glass with his voice, but it would be much easier to just drop it on the floor.

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Anne Rice
“None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.”
Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

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