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Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock
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Sep 11, 2011

did not like it
Read in January, 2010

This week’s headline? Sisters suffer abuse

Why this book? Recommended by friend

Which book format? Hand-me-down

Primary reading environment? Boring weekday evenings

Any preconceived notions? Target Book Club

Identify most with? Emma for appearance

Three-word quote? “Planning ahead works”

Goes well with? Kibbles n Bits

They say you cain’t judge a book by its cover. I say you cain’t help doin’ just that.

The girl on this cover, she’s supposed to be Emma, and I’ll be darned if she don’t look exactly like I did as a chile.

I must be vain or something, because that’s what finally got me to read this book.

My friend had told me it was good, and let me have her copy.

This is the same friend who gave me a book I liked, The Pursuit of Happiness (I think I’ve talked about that book before), so I figured I could trust her taste.

I started the book not long after she give it to me, but I couldn’t get much farther than a few paragraphs into the reading before I done up and quit.

That little girl on the cover though.

It was the eyebrow that finally did it, that so-blond-it’s-almost-see-through left eyebrow.

So I read it, and honestly, I don’t see that there was any need for this story to be written.

The fact that Emma is being sexually abused is pretty obvious, and the whole story you’re squirmin’ and tryin’ not to think about that.

The back of the book talks about a “shocking revelation,” and I kept thinkin’ that was going to have something to do with what Emma’s stepdaddy was doing to her behind that closed door.

In a way, it did, but with more of a twisty ending, sort of like that movie from a while back, the one with all the violence.

This story reminded me of a pig I seen over at my neighbor’s farm, wallowing around in filth of its own creation and not caring one bit what anyone thought about that.

I didn’t cry when that pig got butchered.

Other cultural accompaniments: F**** C*** (1999); The Pursuit of Happiness by Mervyn Jones.

Grade: D

I leave you with this: Some things are just too hard to take.
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