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Hush by Cherry Adair
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Sep 11, 2011

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bookshelves: romantic-suspense
Read in September, 2011

Weak 3 stars. Ok for lots of adrenaline, action, and fighting, with some romance. Weak character development and plot.

Acadia works in a sporting goods store. In an effort to expand her horizons she agrees to take a vacation to Venezuela with her girlfriends. She buys a vest and pants with many hidden pockets which she fills with a variety of camping supplies. She arrives a day early, meets Zak in a bar, and spends the night with him. The next morning thugs with Uzis break into the room, kidnap them, and take them into the jungle. They also take Gideon, Zak’s brother.

Zak, Gideon, and Buck developed a software that made them billionaires. Zak and Gideon are adventure thrill seekers. They went to Venezuela to jump off Angel Falls.

Hero and heroine are both smart. No one does anything stupid which is good. Most of the book is action. This would be very fitting as a movie – guns, capture, escape, fleeing, fighting during flight, getting help, fleeing, bad guys keep finding them and trying to kill them, more fleeing, etc. The big mystery is who is behind the bad guys. I’ll call this person X. At one point we believe X wants one brother dead and the other alive. There is also a chance X is after Acadia.

For romantic suspense lovers, this is probably ok. But my reaction was not the best. It was easy to put down. I did not find myself eager to get back to it. I was not engaged. There was nothing creative about this - nothing new or different. It was just bad guys chasing good guys and using guns. When things got worse, Zak conveniently called his CIA friend for more help, again with bad guys chasing good guys.

I’ll give you an example of what was missing. I recently read a different book in which a hero has a friend who is a quadriplegic. The hero sets up a hidden camera to see if the caregiver is abusive. The FBI then visits the quadriplegic for the first time and does something terrible. The hero didn’t expect that and now uses the tape to force the FBI to cooperate with something the hero wants. That intrigued me. I wasn’t expecting it, neither was the hero. It was a rare instance of someone getting something over the FBI.

In this book, the bad guys have every resource and as a result are always able to find out where Zak and Acadia are. That was just too convenient. There is never any outsmarting them or getting one-up over them. Lucky shots with guns is the only thing that finally gets them. I would have preferred unexpected things and out thinking them.

The most interesting parts of this book were two things. Acadia made good use of the supplies in her pockets. The best scene was something in her pocket which was used to drug the bad guys. Thank goodness the thugs didn’t search her to find these things before they put her in a locked room. Second, Zak nearly dies but survives. As a result he has a new psychic ability which comes in handy. Although it doesn’t play a big role.

Character development could have been better. I didn’t feel much for Zak. He desired Acadia sexually, but I didn’t see other desires for her or much relationship development. They were always on the run.

The ending wasn’t as feel good as I normally hope for in romance novels. Yes the hero and heroine get together, but there was some sadness, maybe a feeling of wanting more of something.

Story length: 416 pages. Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scene: 3. Estimated number of sex scene pages: 13. Setting: current day Venezuela and a little bit of Boston, Massachusetts. Copyright: 2011. Genre: romantic suspense.
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message 1: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY I completely forgot I had this and was about to put it on my TBRN list when I read your comment 'ak nearly dies but survives. As a result he has a new psychic ability which comes in handy.'

Seriously? It's a straight contemporary action-romance (my cuppa tea) and Adair throws in this psychic spanner in the works?

Jane Stewart Hey Elaine,
Here are my notes to myself about the psychic part. It’s a spoiler, so keep that in mind. It wasn’t very logical. It was kind of odd, but ok.

(view spoiler)

message 3: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Jane wrote: "Hey Elaine,
Here are my notes to myself about the psychic part. It’s a spoiler, so keep that in mind. It wasn’t very logical. It was kind of odd, but ok.

[spoilers removed]"

Thank you! That "spoiler" was exactly what I look for before I decide whether to spend my money on the book. In cases like Hush, my personal opinion is that it's cheating, it's a cop-out, it's a failure on the author's part to resolve her plot/story/whatever.

Jane Stewart You know, you said it well. I like your opinion.

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