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Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead
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Sep 11, 11

it was amazing

Where to start. I love Richelle Mead. She is my favourite author to date. I must admit that I picked up Thorn Queen as an impulse buy outside real cheap on a shabby discount table. Admittedly, I did not fall head over heals with the book my looking at the cover but as soon at I saw the author's name I had to have it.. And I'm so glad I saw it. I finished it in one night/morning (once I start reading I can't stop) and it was brilliant.

I love Richelle Mead's characters and Eugenie was no exception. Smart, witty, funny, head-strong and the fact that every single male creature in the Otherworld wants to get in her pants, I'd say that Eugenie isn't exactly your normal boring character. I enjoyed the dialogue and relationships between certain characters - in particular the hate/service relationship between Eugenie and Volusian, her unwilling, deadly serviceman who hates Eugenie though she has bound him to her. Volusian, although not a particularly major character was one of my favourites. He reminded me actually of a very evil and sinister Dobby and his role in the novel just added extra depth to the book.

Mead was especially good at expressing what she needed to vividly to the reader. The plot, being so original, could have become confusing for the reader. However, this was not the case. Overall I, on a hole, just really liked the entire style that Mead used/uses. Now onto the main topic of discussion. Dorian vs. Kiyo. Personally, I would prefer Eugenie to end up with Dorian. The entire novel I must admit that I was routing for him. He is dominate and fierce whereas Kiyo is much the same but no as intense and more , for lack of a better word, boyish?... I won't spoil any major details but I must say I much appreciated what Dorian did at the end of the novel to a certain somebody named Leith.

Lastly, on a hole I thought the novel was brilliant - as all of Mead's novels are. I would highly recommend Thorn Queen. However, I do feel the need to warn that in some parts it does get dark and some dark themes are explored. On a brighter note, minutes after I finished it I was eager to find out what happens in the next instalment. Of course this meant flicking over to Goodreads and doing my research. Five minutes after discovering that there was a Third novel I had ordered it as well as pre-orderibg the fourth instalment , Shadow Heir, that will be released in January 2012 (I'm going to be devastated if indeed the Gregorian Calendar does end and with it the world!).. Overall great read, don't miss this one!

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