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Lord of Fire by Gaelen Foley
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I love the way Gaelen Foley writes. To me, she's one of the best writers out there. I know I'm only on her second book, but regardless. Her words invoke a whole new world and I find myself irrevocably drawn into it. My senses are forever engaged, and I can not only picture the setting, but I feel like I'm engaged in it. The world building is excellent, with history intertwining superbly with personal backgrounds. The plot is tight, the characters are complex and multi-dimensional. I get tickled everytime I meet her characters as they are presented and thrilled to see them challenged as they struggle and grow. Awesome storylines and lovable characters. :D


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Quotes Diana Liked

Gaelen Foley
“There are some people that we know all our lives and yet
never really feel we know them at all. But there are other people—” Unable to resist the temptation, he
ran a feather-light caress down the curve of her cheek with one leather-sheathed knuckle. The cobalt
depths of her eyes flickered with response, but she said nothing, heeding his every word. “—people we
meet in a day, and instantly, it feels as though we’ve known them all our lives.”
Gaelen Foley, Lord of Fire

Gaelen Foley
“You are tired of being alone. You told me.”
“You don’t know,” he said in a low, almost hostile voice. He shook his head. “I don’t even know what
I’m doing with you. You’re not like anyone else who’s in my life—” He stopped abruptly. “Did you ever
drink too much wine,Alice ?” He held up the glass in his hand and waggled it idly, making the ruby
contents swirl.
“I’m not one to overindulge.”
“No, you wouldn’t be,Allow me to explain, then, that the more you drink, the more thirsty you become. Not all the wine in the world can assuage the thirst for water. Water. Wine makes
you merry, but a man needs water to keep him alive. Pure, clean, sweet water. I am parched,Alice , scorched like a wasteland, burning
like a damned soul in hell. I thirst.”
Gaelen Foley, Lord of Fire

Gaelen Foley
“I see. So you playacted the role of a rake who was only pretending to be in earnest, knowing you would come across as though you had the lowest of motives, when in fact, you were sincere?”
She gave a short, wry laugh and shook her head at him. “Convoluted sir! You are a maze.”
He shot her a sulky glance. “I thought you were going to say I was amazing.”
“That, too,” she admitted with a rueful smile, capturing his square chin between her fingertips.”
Gaelen Foley, Lord of Fire

Gaelen Foley
“When you find the one, my lad, grab her up in your arms and never let her go. You may never get another chance.”
Gaelen Foley, Lord of Fire

Gaelen Foley
“We’re all a little mad, my friend. Keeps life interesting.”
Gaelen Foley, Lord of Fire

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Carrie Lim ahaha ;)

Diana C, when Seymour talked to Alice! Awwwww. All that alone talk.

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