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Her Evil Twin by Mimi McCoy
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Of the entire series thus far, this book has the most sophisticated and creative plot. Though evil twins are stock characters from whom readers expect certain things, this book goes beyond a simple regurgitation of soap opera or horror movie plot lines. Rather, this evil twin story incorporates details from the past and present and creates a chillingly unclear line between reality and imagination. It also appeals to the importance of friendship to middle school girls, and uses a horror story to show how a seemingly exciting and appealing new friendship can be toxic to old friendships if handled badly. Mimi McCoy's writing stands out as the best in this series, because she takes things beyond the superficial level and uses the horror genre to tell stories about life in middle school that are both fantastical and true to life.

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Ashley i disagree to most of theese responses i do not think this is a easy to understand fantasy book and i don't think it is about middleschool girls thoes are the old days i don't think kids even have the wits anymore to do that this story seems the opisite of todays day and age it is a good book but not this world but it is not fantasy thoes who found it easy to read i agree somewhat i could read the letters easley and quick but the story was to confusing to really understand people are so crual that other people are killing there selfs but this book has non of that rate to it!

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