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Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
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4.5 Stars

Dark Kiss is a thrilling addition to the paranormal romance genre! A fast paced and action packed book that most young-adult readers will enjoy if you like dark/mysterious plots.

I think that this is a very interesting take on angels and demons. Sure, on the surface this book might look like the typical heaven and hell conflict, but it's not! It's so much more than that! Two angels and two demons sent to earth with the task to assassinate all Greys; body's without souls that can take one's soul with just one kiss. Samantha's had one of those kisses...and now she's a Grey. She doesn't know how special she is until she meets one of the angels: Bishop. They have an invisible attraction that no one can explain. But Bishop can't give into that attraction. He's been sent to earth with one task only, but can this intriguing girl change his mind?

Samantha is one of those characters that you can easily like and get used to. Her courage and determination will definitely appeal to some people who like strong heroines. Her relationship with her best friend, Carly, is also very admirable. Sam will not let anything happen to her best friend and she will go to extreme lengths to keep Carly safe.

Bishop is certainly a mysterious one. He has a lot of secrets that I wanted him to spill! Imagine Edward Cullen....but an angel....with blue eyes, dark hair....and a better personality! Yep, that's Bishop! The demon he was sent to complete his task with, Kraven, was a very interesting demon! He had a sense of humour that will keep you laughing ALL the way through! I couldn't get enough of his killer smile and amazing green demon.

Overall, I think all paranormal readers should give this one a go! Romance and action, a perfect combination in Dark Kiss, and written so beautifully by Michelle Rowen! She's written another demon series that I will definitely be checking out!

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