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Raphael by D.B. Reynolds
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Aug 15, 2015

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bookshelves: urban-fantasy, vampires, friendable
Read from September 09 to 10, 2011

PI Cyn is hired to provide human insight when a vampiress under the powerful vampire Lord Raphael's protection is kidnapped, and humans were part of the plot.

This book did not end up being quite what I expected, quite a few people have mentioned reading and enjoying these on the forums I regularly haunt, so I didn't check out the reviews before reading this and was surprised to find that Raphael was not paranormal romance - despite the 'guy name' title on the cover - but a sexy urban fantasy instead.

I am not a huge vampire fan (shifter girl here:) so with my expectations, I both was and wasn't disappointed that this wasn't a vamp romance with a happily ever after, in fact it ends on a "To be continued..." Raphael is one of those old jaded vamps, who is powerful, dismisses humans as chow, is used to having everyone fall at his feet, and uses his mojo to play vamp head games with Cyn, who he ends up wanting because she is strong willed enough to resist his advances even though she is incredibly attracted to the dangerous vamp. I liked that resistance, because it builds the tension in preparation for the steamy stuff, but Cyn's eventual decision that what she feels is love and not just lust didn't really click for me - the lust part however totally worked.

I did like the background investigation that forms the basis of the story, Cyn has good instincts on the whole - although, like many a human UF heroine dealing with vamps, she overestimates her ability to deal with them from time to time and is an adrenaline jockey who takes risks that aren't always smart - but I could accept that to some extent as being part of the PI biz.

So bottom line, I enjoyed this one and the "To be continued" sucked me straight into the next one, Jabril, when I read the reviews and found out that it is Raphael part II - " Enquiring minds want to know!"
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Shannon C. Raphael/Cyn play a large role in all four books. In books 3 & 4 a secondary couple also get matched up. Kind of simliar in style to the Darkyn or World of Lupi in that respect, but I like both of those series better.

Melindeeloo Thanks for the info, I debated continuing mostly because of the price - I am liking the next one better with my new set of expectations, but the Lupi are one of my favorites, so it would be hard to measure up to those books.

Shannon C. I'm kind of in the same boat. I liked them, but didn't love them when compared to others that are similiar in setup. The kindle versions are loanable and I was able to get them from someone else.

Melindeeloo Since you are all caught up on the series, did you see that Reynold's from time to time puts up little for adults only shorts that fall after her books. Right now the one that's up is for Sophia. the link is on this page

Shannon C. Thanks!

Melindeeloo I only read the first two, but picked up Sophia when it came down in price. I planning on Rajmund at some point but was keeping my eye out for a deal or a loan. I was really intrigued by Duncan though...

Melindeeloo I check her blog from time to time, since I discovered the vignettes. I was kind of bummed that I had missed the old ones (since over the summer she had cycled through them), but she's putting them together into an anthology with a few new ones and will also be doing a Raphael/Cyn novella. Sound like both will only be ereleases

message 8: by Melindeeloo (last edited Nov 23, 2011 05:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Melindeeloo BamaGal (Naysa) wrote: "She cycles those little stories around every few weeks or so. The best one, imo, is the extended epilogue to Rajmund (a really good book). I won't spoil it since you haven't read that book; but it..."

Boy, my brain is still fried, hit post without adding anything. I'd love the loan of Duncan if I haven't lagged too long (kid hecticness and then I got flu-bugged, and somehow missed your comment)

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