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Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jul 02, 12

it was amazing
Read from June 30 to July 01, 2012

Ember is alive after a major car accident. It wasn't some miracle she survived, but because her little sister Olivia brought her back from the dead. Just like the several animals since then. Either as a by-product of being brought back to life or something else, Ember now can not touch another living thing. If she does that living plant, animal, or person dies within seconds of touching her.

Before the accident, Ember was a popular girl with the jock boyfriend, but the accident changed her. She is permanently scarred. Scars run along her arms, chest, and stomach. On top of the scars that she hides under her clothes, her once brown eyes are now a pale blue. Nearly everyone at school avoids her, whispers freak and other things as she walks the halls. Her one and only friend is Adam, who treats her like she is normal. Her one friend in the world.

On top of being a social outcast, killing people with a touch, Ember also has to take care of Olivia. Their mother has mentally checked out since the accident. She just sits around or sleeps all day. She does not acknowledge Ember and believes that she is dead.

After a horrible incident, Ember and Olivia are relocated to a large home in West Virginia by Jonathan Cromwell who finds and relocates gifted kids to his home, where he can give them a better life and help them control their gifts.

Within a day, everything Ember knows is pulled out from under her. She is to stay at this house, it's good for her and for Olivia. I had serious suspicions about Cromwell in the beginning of the book. Everything was a bit too perfect and all the perfectness was pushed onto Ember, even though the majority of the house did not want her there.

The other kids make it clear that they do not like Ember and wish that she would just make it easier on everyone and leave. Ember, being the responsible big sister would rather be dragged out of the house than leave without Olivia.

Moving to a new town, Ember had to start at a new school. Within the first week of school, someone started leaving unwelcome surprises in her locker. I was seriously surprised when we discovered who was behind the gifts in the locker, I totally would have pegged it as someone else.

On top of the unwelcome gifts in the locker, Ember learns that the accident that killed her father and herself, may not have been an accident. Someone wanted Olivia and they were willing to do whatever it took to get her.

The only nice person in the house is Hayden. Hayden who is nice and somehow believes that he is more dangerous than Ember could ever be, the girl who can kill with a touch. I really liked Hayden, he was willing to help Ember when she had no one else. To do simple things like talk to her and not treat her like a freak amongst a house of gifted kids. He was also determined to help Ember get control of her gift.

Watching Ember go from the girl who would not meet anyone's eyes as she walked the halls to a girl who realized she truly had a gift was really enjoyable. Cursed is quite different from Jennifer Armentrout's other books, but it's a great change of pace. I totally loved Dead Hamster Girl.
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