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Love in the Time of Dinosaurs by Kirsten Alene
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Sep 09, 2011

Read in July, 2011

If you are fond of either dinosaurs, amputee Shaolin monks or love stories, then you're likely to enjoy this odd, charming, sweet, short book. It's not the kind of bizarro that leaves you feeling like you ate the wrong pills; it's just a layer of human romantic absurdity bonded to a substrate of conceptual absurdity. With dinosaurs. And kung-fu. And amputees. And lots of heart. And lasers! What else do you people want?

I read this months ago, but I'm getting around to mentioning it now BECAUSE: Author Kirsten Alene has promised the WHOLE INTERNET that if one hundred and eleven people purchase this book from on September 15th 2011, she will personally return the dinosaurs from extinction! I don't know exactly how she's going to pull that off -- time travel? cloning? lasers! -- but I have complete and utter faith in her because she's on the same press as me.

How many kinds of awesome will this be? Count as follows: in the short term, we'll enjoy an exciting new dinosaur apocalypse where mankind's mettle will be tested, providing an immediate solution to the nagging overpopulation problem and making a significant dent in carbon emissions. It will be like the biggest, longest, funnest paintball match in history, but with actual death. Further down the line, new industries and technologies related to dinosaur-killing and dinosaur-escaping are sure to stimulate our lackadaisical global economy. A major new supply of fossil fuels will be ours, just one hundred million short years after these new dinosaurs begin to die and fossilize. Assuming we can kill them. Which I hope we can, or else we're fucked.

If you're on the fence about this one -- say, you love a good romance but you're not so much into being gnawed apart by velociraptors -- then check out the Dinosaur Apocalypse website where Alene is sharing handy survival tips and organizing special dinosaur deliveries for the big day. Want a pterodactyl to appear suddenly in your ex-girlfriend's hatchback? It couldn't hurt to ask!

Anyway, if you needed an excuse to check out Kirsten Alene then let Dinosaur Apocalypse Day, September 15th, be that excuse. Unless you're a dinosaur-hating dinosaur-hater who hates dinosaurs. In which case, please un-friend me!
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