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The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell
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Sep 10, 11

Read from September 09 to 10, 2011

Arrgh! From the misnomered title (A 'body farm' is only in a small portion of the book) to the implausible plot--how did this get past editors??? SPOILER!!! For starters...Only 3 people work at this TOP SECRET section of the FBI and 2 are dismissed because of malfeasance??? One has a dubious past and 'lied' on her application??? Come on!!! Our protagonist easily found that out, but NOBODY from the bureau vetted this crooked employee? Geez! Give me a break! I'm willing to suspend a bit of logic but I am NOT willing to check my brain at the door!! There are many other problems with the storyline...Scarpetta returns to the crime scene at night and 'forgets' a flashlight??? Really??? Her partner may be in grave danger and she says NOTHING???? A child is missing and NOBODY thinks to search her home--but Kay does? Scarpetta enters a suspected killer's home without a gun, yet she sleeps with one next to her bed at all times? Right!! Truly, I didn't really even like/care about the main character...she was a snobby know -it-all and she was sleeping with a married man. Sorry I wasted my time reading this....
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Julie Rapson If you were THAT turned off by the literary license the author took, May I suggest you not read her works again......! If you checked your brain at the door upon reading this WORK OF FICTION, I'm sorry to tell you, but you forgot to pick it up before you wrote this review!!! The so-called implausible plot got past the editors because it was well researched, reality based, and well laid out!!!! Are you aware of the significance of the body farm??? These facts were ALL well documented and Integrated into the story. Have you thought of a career in forensics?? I thought not. You can not differentiate an excellent fiction story from reality!!!! SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO JOURNALISM 101!!!!

Debbie Julie, you must be related to the author, or be the author herself using a pseudonym. Your argument that the plot got past editors, therefore it must be "well-researched, reality based, and well laid out" is very weak. Publication of a book does not guarantee the quality of the book. If you'd like to challenge my individual observations, feel free, but an unsubstantiated rant does nothing for your case.

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